Hair extensions can be a great way to add volume, length or even highlights to your hair in just a matter of seconds. But what exactly are the benefits of using them? And what are the disadvantages?

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To find the pros and cons of hair extensions, we must separate them into their different types. Hair extensions mainly differ from each other by the way they are attached to your existing hair, and every method comes with its sets of pros and cons.

But before we jump into the specifics of each type of hair extensions, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages that are common to all of them:

Pros of hair extensions in general

  • The main pro is instant gratification. Instead of having to wait months for your hair to grow to the desired length, you can add a couple extra inches of length, some chemical-free highlights or even some volume to your hair in a matter of hours.
  • Good hair extensions, when applied by a good hair stylist, can last for up to three months. And if the extension is made out of natural hair you can even style them just as you would your hair.
  • The last major common pro to all options of hair extensions is versatility. We already mentioned that you can quickly add length, volume and highlights with the use of hair extensions, but that’s not all. You can try different hair colors, textures and even types of hair. And all of that without the commitment of having to chemically alter your natural hair in any way whatsoever.

Cons of hair extensions in general

  • Depending on how they are attached to your hair, extensions may cause minor hair damage and scalp irritation in some cases. Natural hair takes months to grow, so adding too much too fast prevents the scalp from getting used to the added weight. Which causes scalp damage and irritation. Overly-tight braid can be the source of root breakage. And the hot glue used to attach some hair extensions can cause scalp burns if not applied properly.
  • Another con to consider is that high-quality hair extensions can be a little bit pricey. Add in the cost of a professional hair stylist and the cost can become a little too expensive.
  • This may seem a little counterintuitive with one of the pros stated before, but getting good hair extensions can take a lot of time. Sure, a couple of hours is way faster than a couple of months, but sitting on a chair for four or more hours while holding your head in all sorts of awkward angles can get pretty tiresome.

Clip In

The easiest type of hair extension to apply and get a hold on, clip in extensions are great for a

quick and commitment-less change of look.


Hair extensions vietnam hair

With weaves, the existing natural hair is braided into cornrows that run along the scalp from

one ear to the other. After the hair is properly braided, the wefts of hair are sewn into the

braids using a needle and a thread.


With the pre-bonded method. Tthe extensions of hair are bonded directly to the natural hair with the use of an adhesive. This type of extensions is also known as fusion hair extensions.

Tape In

In this case, vietnam hair extensions are attached to already existing hair via a double-sided tape. A quick and painless process, tape extensions are a great option for a quick change of look.

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