Why Do Your Weave Hair Extensions Hurt?

Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions

It is common to feel some inconveniences for the first few days after having your weave hair extensions. Yes, you added more weight to your scalp and did some secure attachment of some bundles of weave hair to your real hair base. If you have never had some hair extensions but worn fake nails, or eyelashes, you will know what I mean. But the feeling will generally disappear when your body becomes familiar with their existence.

If you find it so painful to wear hair extensions or the feeling is not fading away after about one week, or you are going to install some bundles for the first time, you should know why your weave hair extensions hurt. Then you will find ways to deal with the problem.

Hair Extensions

Vulnerable Scalp

You may be someone with a super sensitive scalp, and it could take a little longer to adjust to wearing extensions. If the weave hair extensions are still bothering you after two weeks, it’s time to visit your stylist to know what is going on. Your stylist may suggest fewer extensions or loosen your extensions a bit so they are more comfortable.

If the pain is limited to one spot, your extension stylist can simply move the extensions to another area.

Improper Installation of weave hair extensions

Weave Sew Ins Net Cap
Weave Sew-In with Net Cap

If you did not have your extensions properly installed, they will cause pain and discomfort. Proper installation will ensure the extensions aren’t placed too close to your scalp, and that enough of your natural hair is used to support the weight of the extension.

Going to see a certified and properly educated extension stylist is essential. If you go to someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing, I can assure you that you will run into a ton of problems. Most people that have complaints with their extension have gone to someone who is not certified and doesn’t know what they are doing. To reduce pressure on your head, you could refer to the method of sew-in hair weave with a cap.

Your bundles of weave hair are too heavy

Braidless attachment

It is possible that too many extensions were installed, and your natural hair cannot support the weight of it. You need to be realistic when getting extensions. If you have very thin hair naturally, don’t expect to come out looking like Beyonce. Your stylist should tell you how many extensions your hair is able to hold. Going over that amount can cause damage to your hair. Think about it like this: You walk into a salon with black hair and want it colored to platinum blonde. Any properly educated stylist will tell you that you need to lighten your hair in stages to avoid damage. Some people will say no and try to do it in one day, causing irreversible damage. Extensions are the same in that you need to be realistic, and follow your extension stylists’ advice.

Your real hair is too thin and fine

Braid Base
Braid Base

Before going to know why your real hair’s characteristics partly decide if your bundles of weave hair hurt, make sure you know your hair type thoroughly. Once your strands are too fragile, they should not be a sustainable foundation for a heavy system of hairpieces. Imagine you have to carry a plastic bag of very heavy stuff and the traps of the bag are thin. Your hand could immediately find it painful. If that heavy stuff is in a wide-strap cloth bag, I bet you will feel more comfortable.

This is most commonly the case in thin hair. Thick hair can support a wide variety of extensions; however, thin hair is limited in extension options. As a general rule, the thinner your hair is, the lighter, and smaller, you want your extensions to be. Thin hair is more fragile and doesn’t have the strength to hold bigger types of extensions. In very thin or fragile hair, I only ever suggest tip hair extensions; they are one of the lightest types of extensions available, and will not increase stress on the hair follicle.

In case you find that bundles of weave are not just for you although you try many ways to make it possible, halo hair extension is recommended for you since it does not attach to your real hair and leave only small pressure on your scalp.

Once you figure out why your scalp is so painful that it cannot bear your bundles of weave hair for long, you will find the right solution for the problem.


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