What Should You Know About Tape In Hair Extensions?

What Should You Know About Tape In Hair Extensions

You have thin hair and your hair is prone to damaging when exposed to chemicals, don’t you? If you are in this trouble and always wish for thicker hair, it is time for you to think about using hair extensions to deal with this problem. Among of types of hair extensions on the market nowadays, tape in hair is considered one of the most popular products that help girls change their look quickly and easily. Now, find out tape in hair extensions as well as their pros and cons to understand why many people fall in love with these products.

What Should You Know About Tape In Hair Extensions

1. What Are Tape In Hair Extensions?

It is the fact that tape in extensions are becoming more and more prevalent in recent days. So what is it? This product has the hair tip attached with the specialized tapes. The tapes are known to be flexible and replaceable so that you are able to use this kind of hair extensions for a very long time. In general, tape in hair products are quite easy for installation and they also look surprisingly natural when applied to your real hair.

What Are Tape In Hair Extensions

2. What are Pros and Cons of Tape-in Hair Extensions?

Any kind of hair extensions has both advantages and disadvantages, so tape in hair does. Knowing clearly what they are will help you to make a right decision when purchasing this product. Now, let discover!

Pros And Cons Of Tape In Hair Extensions

Advantages of Tape In Hair

Easy To Apply

Compared with some other hair extensions methods like sewing-in, tape-ins are quite easy for you to install. As a matter of fact, it just takes us about 30-60 minutes to install these hair extensions. With a proper application, they can stay on your natural hair for up to 12 weeks. Furthermore, it is also advised to have your extensions installed by an experienced hair stylist for the best result.

Easy To Apply

Comfortable To Use

It is obvious that people just use something for a long time if it gives them a comfortable feeling. It is similar to the hair extensions. Just imagine! What will you feel if your hair extensions that you have to wear for the whole day make you feel really heavy, painful or scratchy? Unpleasant and unconfident, right? That is the reason why this is the priority criterion we usually take a great consideration before buying any type of hair extensions. Tape-in extensions can definitely meet this requirement because they are very lightweight, giving you a feeling of great comfort. And due to its lightness, you can easily forget that you are wearing the extensions.


One of the greatest benefits of tape in extensions is that they are reusable for up to a year and good for 3-4 applications. The fact that they are able to be reused is a big benefit, especially for those who have their extensions are customized with a color or a cut. In short, it means that you can get rid of the tape-ins and replace them whenever you want without any issues. But the thing you need to remember is always to choose the high-quality tape in hair like remy tape in hair extensions as well as to have your extensions installed by an experienced hair stylist.

Invisible and Flexible

The tape-in hair can blend perfectly with your natural hair. You don’t need to worry whether other people realize your extensions or not. Because people use the integrated transparent tape that is difficult to be seen.

Invisible And Flexible

When wearing tape in hair, you still can create many types of hairstyles like braid, low ponytail, etc. Generally, tape extensions are very flexible so that you can wash and blow them easily.

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Disadvantages of Tape In Hair

Requiring Patience after Installation

In fact, it takes time for the adhesive bond to be adhered and bonded properly in your natural hair. Therefore, you had better avoid hair washing or excessive sweeting for at least 48 hours after the application. In addition, when you wash your hair, always be gentle and take away some oil or silicone based hair products because they can result in the tape-in hair slipping.

Quite Expensive

Tape-in hair extensions, especially those made from human hair, are not cheap. But, for a longer using goal, it is worth investing. These hair extensions are able to be used for up to a year with proper care.

3. Where To Buy Tape In Hair Extensions?

Do you know what the best tape in hair extensions brand is? Where should you buy human hair tape in extensions? Have you ever heard about Luxshinehair? This is one of the most prestigious hair extensions companies on the Vietnamese market nowadays. Come here, you can buy a lot of types of hair extensions that are made from 100% Remy human hair. For tape-ins, they not only use natural Remy hair of Vietnamese women but also good tapes that are safe for health to create these products. Therefore, you can definitely feel secure when using their hair extensions.

Luxshinehair Tape In Hair

I have shown you some helpful information about tape-in hair extensions. If you want to know how to install tape in hair, read here. Hope that you will like this post! Thanks a lot for your reading!


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