What Makes Clip in Ponytail Extensions Advantageous?

Beequeen Ponytail
Luxshine Ponytail

Ponytails are always suggested as a summer hairstyle that seems to never go out of date. For many fashioned girls, a ponytail hairpiece is one of must-have stuff in their cupboard. Today we will look closely at Clip in Ponytail Extensions to see how powerful they are in making this fashion world more diverse and active.

Luxshine Ponytail
Luxshine Ponytail

1. When will ponytails go out of fashion?

It is hard to determine when the first ponytail style first appears on the Earth, but I don’t think people will be fed up with it one day. Some say both low and high ponytails rock. Some find this style super easy and convenient. With women owning long strands, they will not likely loose their tresses all the time, especially when playing sports or in hot weather.

Have you ever known of a famous American singer who has “Signature” Ponytail Extensions? People said that if there were a prize for the most instantly recognizable celebrity hairstyle, then the Ariana Grande ponytail would easily win. Those statuses on Twitter showed how much Ariana Grande loves her Ponytail Extensions after years.

Ariana Grande Twitter

To her, life just isn’t the same without those cute ponytails: “My God, going back to a high pony after a few days of not wearing a high pony is … a remarkable feeling”, she expressed herself. “I’m just … supposed to have a high pony you know? Some things are just meant to be and this is just one of those things.” She definitely gets a new feeling every time she wears it.

Ariana Grande Ponytail
Ariana Grande Ponytail

If you find wearing ponytails boring sometimes, remember that you could make transformations by changing its color, texture, and styles to renew it every day.

2. What differentiates a clip-in ponytail extension from the other?

A ponytail extension is made by sewing weave hair bundles on a lace closure in a secure manner. Then two clips are attached to enhance the solidity. These clips will also save you a lot of time installing the hairpiece.

Other indispensable things are the ribbons which you will use to tie the ponytail to make it well cover thee real hair. The ribbons are usually made of fabric or hair. The tie made of hair shall give an extremely natural look for users with its delicate shape.

3. How To Wear Clip in Ponytail Extensions?

Step 1: Preparation                     

Before adding a Clip in Ponytail Extension, you will want your real hair to look clean, then make sure it does not look greasy or dull as your hairpiece will contact closely with your own hair.

You may a volumizing products to make sure that your real hair is not too silky smooth. Otherwise, it shall be hard for the extension to fix firmly on your own hair. Dry shampoo, hair powders, or texturizing spray are great to add texture to your hair, which also gives extra volume. This will help keep the clips on your hairpiece stay firmly on your own hair.

Step 2: Make a Ponytail of your real hair

Next, tie your hair in a neat ponytail with a soft elastic. Its position depends on the position your tail starting from.

Step 3: Attach your Clip in Ponytail Extensions

Installing Ponytail
Installing Ponytail

Hook the clips of your hairpiece into the real hair so that the tail kiss your head. After that, tie the ribbons around the root of your ponytail to well fix the beautiful tail.

If you have some weave hair bundles, then you could also attach a ponytail by following the quick guide here.

4. The care process is a piece of cake

As introduced above, the installation shall take you a few minutes while you will need a few seconds to remove it. Therefore, there is no need to search for ways to wash clip-in ponytail extensions together with real hair or tips to sleep with a ponytail hairpiece. Life should be that easy and knowing how to take care of your tails makes it even simpler.

Washing Hair Extensions
Washing Hair Extensions

When you wash the hairpiece, it is essential to hydrate them as much as possible as it doesn’t receive the natural nutrients and oils as our real hair does. Ensure that it is always nourished and moisturized by alcohol and sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. This is to avoid stripping the hair of its natural oils. Because your ponytail does not contact much with grease and dirt on your scalp, you will not need to shampoo it frequently.

Non-straight ponytails will need more careful care. After you shampoo, gently squeeze excess water by a soft towel. Then spread them on a clean and smooth surface to let it dry naturally. Hanging curly or wavy vertically may make them outstretched by the weight of wet hair. You could do this with straight hair but avoid strong winds or they may become tangled.

Using Clip in Ponytail Extensions which are made of Vietnamese human hair like products of Luxshinehair will give you a natural and beautiful look and strengthen longevity.

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The power of Clip in Ponytail Extensions is deniable. We hope you have lots of fun with those cute hairpieces and do not forget to tell us what you want to know more.


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