What Are U-Tip Hair Extensions?

U Tip Hair Extensions

For each woman, a beautiful hairstyle is very important. To have gorgeous hair, she even has to spend a lot of time and money on caring for hair at salons. But, U-tip hair extensions will make everything become easier for you. They can aid in beautifying your hair and flattering your flawless beauty. Try U-tip hair extensions and you will be definitely satisfied with them.

U Tip Hair Extensions

So, what do you know about U tips? How to apply it properly to get a natural look? Or how to remove it safely and quickly? If you want to find out more about these issues, keep reading!

What Are U-tip Hair Extensions?

What Are U Tip Hair Extensions

U tip hair extensions, also known as hot fusion hair extensions, are a type of hair extension which is applied to the natural hair by heating up the keratin tip found at the ends of hair. Why is it called U-tip? As its name, this type of human hair extension has the keratin shaped like a U. Using keratin as a way to install hair extensions has been a very popular method of fitting, applied for many years. These products are long term hair extensions because you will wear them day and night for several months.

Are U-tip Hair Extensions Easy To See?

Are U Tip Hair Extensions Easy To See

Once fitted properly, the bonds are not able to be seen at all. U tip hair extensions ought to be put just far enough away from the natural hair line, which allows you to hide the bonds with your natural hair. So, you can tie your hair back without worrying that the bonds may become visible. Remember that if you place your extensions too close to the hair line, they can be seen. If possible, it is advised that you should have your hair extensions fitted by a trained professional to get the best result.

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Are U-tip Hair Extensions Comfortable?

In general, almost hair extension methods require the first few days until your scalp adjusts to the extensions. This period you can feel a little bit mild itching, but it will subside quickly and is just probable to affect those with a sensitive scalp.

Are U Tip Hair Extensions Comfortable

For U tip hair extensions, you can find it very comfortable to wear. Up tip hair is attached to your natural hair one by one, with no hard parts. It means that there is no pulling and your head will not experience a heavy and uncomfortable feeling. Only after a few days when you get used to the extension, you will not notice it any more.

How To Apply U Tip Human Hair Extensions?

How To Apply Human Hair Extensions

To fit U tip fusion extensions, use a heat connector to melt the keratin tip. Then, the melt keratin is rolled around each small section of your natural hair tightly so that it forms a totally sealed bond. It is so easy and quick to apply these hair extensions because the keratin heats and cools fast.

How To Remove U Tip Extensions?

It is so easy to install these hair extensions. So, what about removing them? It also doesn’t take a lot of your time. With a suitable hair extensions remover, you can get rid of the bond quickly.

Based on each type of the keratin used, we will break down the bond so that it is able to be removed from the hair safely. For example, an alcohol based solution can be applied to take an Italian keratin out while a Chinese keratin requires an acetone based remover to be broken.

U Tip Body Wavy Light Brown 01

When it comes to human hair extensions using Italian keratin, I immediately think about products of Luxshinehair. They only use Italian keratin and Remy human hair to make high-quality keratin hair extensions including U-tips. You can find the hair glossy, soft, smooth and strong enough to color, bleach and style. With U-tip extensions of this company, you will have fashionable and gorgeous hairstyles.

As a result, U tip human hair extensions are a great solution for those who want to change their locks by adding more length, thickness and volume. When applying these hair extensions in a proper way, you can totally create many beautiful hairstyles and feel confident in any daily situations. I hope that this article is helpful and interesting for you. Thanks a lot for your reading!


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