What Are The Best Lace Closures?

What Are The Best Lace Closures

Have you ever been confused about choosing a hairstyle that fits you most? To be honest, it is never easy to opt for a suitable and gorgeous hairstyle, especially for women with thin and weak hair. Is it right? In this case, hair extensions are considered the simplest and quickest way to help you achieve beautiful hairdos immediately. One of the most popular hair products favored by almost females over the world is lace closure. Now, to understand more about this type of amazing hair extensions as well as what the best lace closures are, keep reading this post.

What Are The Best Lace Closures

What Is Lace Closure?

The first question that needs to be answered is what a lace closure is. As can be known, lace closures are unique hairpieces where hair strands are tied into a piece of lace. Regarding the size, a lace closure is from temple to temple with the standard size of 4×4 inch. It tends to lie in the middle of the head or sometimes on the side to create a side part look.

In general, lace closures are attached to your natural hair by sewing method. The extensions will be sewn down the sides and the back, then glued at the hairline or still sewn at the hairline depending on the skill and experience of the stylist. The advantage of closures is that you can freely part and style it. For example, side or middle part lace closure will give a very natural look.

What Is Lace Closure

In brief, these hair extensions are ideal products for women who are interested in their hair. To get a full look, when wearing a closure, you ought to add several weaves that help to finish off your style. This product is highly appreciated for its protecting function. Since your natural hair will be hidden and protected underneath, preventing environmental factors and keeping it healthy. Thanks to the closures’ flexibility and versatility, they are suitable for almost all types of hair.

Human Lace Closures

Lace closures can be made from synthetic hair or human hair. A synthetic lace closure is quite popular for some advantages, but in fact, almost women spend more love on human hair lace closures. So why are they favored by more people?

Human Lace Closures

It is obvious that the extensions are made from human hair will give the best quality and their lifespan is also longer. Human hair will make the closures definitely look like your real hair when you apply it.

Do you know where to buy good human lace closures? I know that Luxshinehair is one of the well-known brands of hair extensions on the market nowadays. They use 100 % Remy human hair to create great extensions, including lace closures. As we all known, Remy hair is the highest quality of human hair. It is much softer and smoother because all hair strands always flow in one direction. Therefore, it is hard for you to find any knots or tangles. There are a lot of textures of these extensions like straight, wavy or curly lace closure, which can blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Human Lace Closures Of Luxshinehair

This company also offers lace closures in various colors such as blonde, brown, black, etc. Therefore, you will have more options when purchasing human hair extensions to enhance your hair.

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Difference between Silk Base and Lace Closure?

When it comes to lace closures, besides types of hair, we also think about which kinds of lace is used to create these extensions. Among of them, silk base seems to get more love from women. Now, find out what the big differences between silk base closure and lace closure.

Difference Between Silk Base And Lace Closure

A Lace Closure

To create a normal lace closure, people use a thin lace in which hair strands will be embedded into the tiny holes. Therefore, lace closures can bring a quite natural looking hairline. However, for normal laces, the knots are often dark, large, and visible. Therefore, bleaching knots on lace closure is necessary.

A Silk Base Closure

In contrast, a silk base closure is constructed with a silk base that has the same color as your scalp. It is thicker than a normal lace, which can completely conceal the knots and give a very natural hairline. But it is advised that you need to make a super flat application due to its thickness.

In general, silk closures and lace closures have both pros and cons. A silk base closure can give you an extremely natural hairline and last for a longer time while its price is more expensive.

I have shown you some interesting information about lace closures. Is this post helpful to you? If you would like to explore lace closure installation, continue to follow this website. Thanks a lot for your reading!


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