Bundles With Frontal Deal
Bundles With Frontal Deal

The season of uproarious parties and festivals are knocking on your door. And we bet it is not waiting for your short and thin hair to grow as thick and long as you wish. If you observe beautiful girls over there, you could notice that many of them have hair extensions as an effortless way to improve their appearance. One of the most outstanding types of hair extensions nowadays is hair weave bundles. You will find it exciting to understand hair bundles’ power of transfiguration and be able to explain why they are that popular after investing a little time with us.

1. Definition of a “hair bundle”

Kinky Straight Bundles
Kinky Straight Bundles

Hair bundle (aka weft hair or weave hair) is a single woven hair extension piece which will be sewed or glued on your real hair base.

In general, each weave hair bundle weighs 100 grams (equivalent to 3.5 ounces). The weft’s length varies from 10″ to 32″ but is not limited according to users’ variable demand.

2. Categories classified based on materials

2.1 Non –human hair bundles

Have you ever heard of Animal hair? People have used animal fur to make hairpieces for human use since Egyptian times. Hair collected from yaks, horses, sheep, and even goats is similar to human hair in several ways. Nowadays, animal hair is very rarely used on its own but is more often mixed with human hair.

Synthetic hair is typically the least expensive of the options. Commonly made from man-made polymers and plastics, synthetic hair can be found in a wide variety of colors from quite natural looking to totally cartoon-like. The synthetic materials help the hair remain well in its color, style and shape even after washes. However, it requires a special shampoo and is impossible to be styled with hot tools.

2.2. Human hair bundles

If you are seeking hairpieces that look like human hair, well, they should be made of real human hair. But there is more than one type of human hair. The hair mostly comes from Brazil, Europe, and Asian countries such as China and Vietnam. While European hair has natural light colors, hair extensions from Asian countries have darker natural shades. Depending on how the producers collect the hair materials, we would like to introduce 3 main types of human hair as follows.

Non – Remy hair

Non-Remy hair materials are normally collected from hair salons or random suppliers. The hair cuticles, therefore, are not in the same directions, making the hair stripped off, matting, and tangled.

The manufacturers will use chemicals to remove all the hair cuticles then cover the strands with silicone to give them a temporary soft and shiny look. After being washed a few times, non-Remy hair will soon become a mess due to the silicone coating loss.

Remy hair

Luxshinehair Bundles
Luxshinehair Bundles

Unlike Non – Remy hair, Remy hair bundles’ materials are collected directly from some human heads without mixing with any synthetic hair or animal hair. They are not yet processed before and full cuticles are in the same direction. As a consequence, we could easily bleach, style, and dye the hair to make variable fashions without fearing that the tresses would be brittle or shedding.

Virgin hair

Virgin hair is harvested from one human head, commonly young women, and is totally intact and unprocessed. This should be the highest – quality human hair type so that you can be completely satisfied with Virgin hair bundles. And of course, it is the most costly one among all kinds introduced here.

Most popular hair products originate mainly from Europe, Brazil, and some Asian countries such as China and Vietnam.

3. Various textures of hair bundles

Bundle Textures
Bundle Textures

3.1. Straight hair bundles

Straight weave bundles are widely favored because of their exquisite appearance and simple care requirements. I mean, you do not have to think about preserving the waves or the curls like other non – straight textures. According to Luxshinehair’s record, natural straight, kinky straight and yaki straight are three best-selling categories among straight hair bundles.

For some short description, natural straight bundles look like a gentle river with the tiny movement of water molecules. If you flow into this “river” a little wind, you will get yaki straight bundles that look a bit thicker yet still smooth. Meanwhile, kinky straight hair is even thicker than yaki hair, belonging to active girls who love their hair fluffy.

3.2. Wavy hair weave

Hair waves, in most cases, should look more romantic than any other texture. Apart from those which are shown in the picture above, other wavy textures such as water wavy, bouncy wavy, roll body are also favorable products.

Bouncy Wavy Blonde Bundle
Bouncy Wavy Blonde Bundle

If you care about the majority of customers’ tastes in the market, body wavy and deep wavy are the two most preferable types. Body wavy hair has its big and elegant waves that look perfect on women loving matureness and charm. On the other hand, a lot of global people including African American women show their much love for deep wavy hair of which hair waves look smaller than loose waves but make your hair look thicker than you thought.

3.3. Curly hair

Romantic Curly Blonde Weave
Romantic Curly Blonde Weave

There are a variety of curly hair bundles: deep, loose, fumi, kinky, romantic, etc. Most curly hair textures offer a distinctive look for girls who are fed up with boring and simple hair shapes. Kinky curly hair, for example, looks so lively and voluminous, differentiating you from other girls in the street. Besides, loose curly girls look young, energetic, beautiful and so much confident.

4. General installation principles of a full hair extension using bundles

4.1. Using no more than hair bundles  

If you would like to show your real hair together with the hair bundles, you could simply sew or glue the weave hair bundles under layers of your real hair. If they have not yet made perfect harmony, you had better style your strands altogether to change up the hair texture or add a new color to it. Your voluminous hair could look attractive and cool even in hot weather with various summer hairstyles.

Your own taste and original hair characteristics will decide whether you should use just hair bundles for your hair extension. The three package deals below suggest you cover totally or mostly your real hair with some hairpieces.

4.2. Bundles and a 360 lace frontal

If you are concerned that your hairpieces attachment signals might be revealed, then this package deal is designed for conservative persons like you. A 360 lace frontal is a complete headband – shaped lace of hair with some hooks in the back. The number “360” means 360 degrees indicating hairline going around your head in a circle. To help you easily imagine, it should look like a wig without the middle, hence you will need some bundles attached on.

Bundles And 360 Frontal Combo
Bundles And 360 Frontal Combo

It is as simple and fast to position it on your head as wearing a hat. A 360 lace frontal covers most of your head area, then requires very few hair bundles, just about 2 to 3.

In case you want to learn more about the pros and cons of a 360 frontal and bundles deal as well as how to properly apply it yourself, you could find all right here.

4.3. Bundles with closure deals

A closure is a piece of hair that is commonly attached to a base made of lace or silk. The standard size of a closure is most commonly 4×4’’ and less commonly 5×5’’.

The hairpiece will be sewn or glued on the base of your real hair braids and fixed around the perimeter. The way you want to part your hair should decide your choice among three different types of closure: free part closure, middle part closure, and three-part closure.

Bundles With Closure
Bundles With Closure

Hair closures are usually placed in the middle of the head or slightly offset to one side. Hence, you will need some bundles to cover the rest area on the head. You may think of a combination of 3 bundles and a closure since it is a popular “formula” for girls. However, depending on your own desired hairstyle, bundles’ length, your head size, and your natural hair’s volume, you should carefully consider the number of hair bundles that should be used with a closure.

The application process is not complicated at all. You may be interested in quick weave guidance for beginners.

4.4. Bundles and a rectangle frontal

Like a closure, a hair frontal is a piece of hair on a lace base or a silk base, yet is frontal is about 3 times bigger than a standard square closure. Standardly, a frontal size is 13×4”, stretching from ear to ear.

Bundles With Frontal Deal

Bundles With Frontal DealDue to the size difference between a frontal and a closure, a 13 x4” frontal generally requires fewer bundles than a closure does. Also, a rectangle frontal allows you to part your hair everywhere and offer more flexible hairstyles. Bundles with frontal deal is also cheaper than a full wig in general.

For your interest: How to apply a lace frontal?

5. Advantages and disadvantages of human hair bundles

5.1. Advantages

Weave hair bundles, unlike other types of hairpieces such as keratin extensions, do not require heat and molten keratin, then decreasing damages to your natural hair. Besides, if you hide completely your real hair under your hair extensions, then the entire effects from your dye and styling will be borne by the hair attached.

Compared to a full wig, using hair bundles could help you change the length and thickness of your strands flexibly buy adjust the number of weave bundles and their position. Furthermore, buying weave bundles and bundles deal is generally cheaper than a full wig.

As long as you do a proper application, you should never worry about physical activities such as swimming, playing sports, or stretching out on your bed.

5.2. Disadvantages

Compared to wearing a full wig, it takes you more time to make braids and sew the bundles on your real hair base, especially when you wish to use a closure or a frontal in addition.

In case your real hair is too fine and thin, the tight and heavy bundles will cause pain in your scalp or even hair loss. Washing and maintenance is a tough task. You will have to take good care of it, or bacterial infection may appear and develop.

In addition, to hide all the cornrows made, it shall limit the hairstyles you love. As a beginner, you may need a hair professional to help you install your extensions, which you do not likely need if you wear a full wig.

6. How to take care of your Human hair bundles?

In this article, we will just discuss Human hair bundles care tips so that you can safely use them with their beauty preserved as long as possible.

6.1. Wash your hair weave

As a general rule, a regular wash will shorten your weaves’ lifespan. However, when they become dirty and greasy, you should shampoo them in the right way to minimize the damages.

Step 1: Shampoo your hair weave

Shampooing Your Bundles
Shampooing Your Bundles

Commonly, when you shampoo a whole system of hair extensions on your head, it is difficult to cleanse thoroughly your real hair and scalp under the hairpieces. Therefore, after 1 to 2 weeks, you should remove the hair extensions to take care of your real hair and scalp and separately wash your hair bundles.

Specialized types of shampoo for weave hair will give a better effect because they are soft and comfortable.

Step 2: Wash braided hair cornrows

Before washing your real hair and hair weave, make sure that your fingernails have been cut to avoid hair tangled. You will need to gently massage scalp areas which are between braided lines, using a suitable shampoo. After that, wash the rest part of the hair and rinse it all out.

Step 3: Deep condition your hair weaves

Using a moderate amount of condition shall help to moisturize your hair weaves and make them softer and sleeker. Let it sit for about 15 minutes in a shower cap and rinse with cool water a few times to remove all dirt and oil on hair.

6.2. Taking care of hair bundles after washing

Detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb

Wide Teeth Comb
Wide-Teeth Comb

After shampooing, your hair with weaves will look messy. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently and patiently detangle your strands. You should not stretch your hair or tangles and shedding will happen. They may make your hair weaves, your real hair and the scalp get worse damages

Dry hair naturally

We will suggest you take advantage of natural wind to dry your thin hair without any hairpiece added. However, the voluminous hair extensions on your head should be dried with a hairdryer since you should not keep your hair wet for a long time. Set your hairdryer at a cool temperature and low to medium speech not to damage or mess your tresses up.

Moisture your weave if necessary

Dry scalp may make you feel itchy and uncomfortable as well as make your hair breakage become worse. Obviously, you need to moisturize your scalp and hair weave to keep them always in the most relaxing situation.

6.3. Maintain your hair weave beauty

Avoid scratching your scalp

Fingernails and sharp tools are the top culprits of hair tangles. Therefore, anytime you need to wash or moisture your hair, just be careful and gentle!

Protect hair when you sleep

When kissing your bed, you had better use a soft and thick towel to wind over hair and keep it away from unnecessary effects. Otherwise, you should keep your hair up and fix it with a clasp. Especially, you should also equip some more smart tips to sleep with wavy and curly bundles to preserve the nice shape.

Sleeping On Satin Pillow

Avoid high temperature

The hair weaves made of real human hair could also get ruined anytime. Protecting hair from high heat, hot sunlight, UV beam, etc. is essential to keep your hair always healthy and beautiful.

7. Where can you buy hair bundles?

7.1. In case you want to look for cheap hair bundles

Among all types of weave hair bundles introduced, synthetic hair and non – Remy hair are generally cheapest.

Low price is one of the biggest pros that make synthetic bundles have their own market share in spite of the short lifespan. Besides, the synthetic hair shape styled and color could be maintained well due to the industrial ingredients’ characteristics.

However, it is almost impossible to change the synthetic hairstyle as synthetic fiber is too resistant to be changed. Also, synthetic hair is not as durable as human hair, hence, with proper care, your synthetic bundles could be used for about 4 – 6 months. Synthetic hair looks not as natural and beautiful as human hair, especially when you look closer to touch it.

The non – Remy hair, as introduced above, is easy to be ragged and tangle and likely styled already before being collected as materials for producing hairpieces. As a result, non – Remy weaves are affordable but just could be used for a few months.

7.2. Affordable and good hair bundles

We agree that cheap hair bundles are economical yet they have short life expectancy and look not highly natural or fashionable. Therefore, it is worth considering some products with better quality and reasonable prices.

We would like to recommend hair products by Luxshinehair which uses 100% Vietnamese human hair collected from young females. Compared to other providers’ products, Vietnamese natural human hair is recognized as high – quality material which is durable, strong, shiny, and easy to style.

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Luxshinehair weave hair is totally originated from Remy and Virgin hair materials, with their advantages described above, will never disappoint you. With your proper care, weave hair as well as other hair products will last for 1 – 2 years or even more without breakage, shedding, and tangle.

We hope to provide you useful and interesting knowledge about hair bundles for extensions. If you have any concerns about whatever hair issue, do not hesitate to leave your comment here. We are always looking forward to seeing your new and beautiful appearance with your hair transformation.


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