Todays, human hair market is full of Vietnamese hair. If in the past, people only know  Chinese Hair, Indian Hair, Brazilian Hair, Russian Hair or Cambodian Hair, so now Vietnamese hair is more popular than ever. That is the reason why Vietnamese hair is pupplied by many companies.


Is Vietnamese human hair the best?

Vietnamese human hair is very smooth with natural black and brown color while other types of hair are coarser. The hair is orginally cut from a young  girl.

Why is Vietnamese human hair healthy and beautiful?

You may not know that in the past, Vietnamese women only use natural ingredient to clean the hair like grape fruit peel, lemon or “Bo Ket”. Lemon juice with high bleeding capacity is still an effective method used by many mothers for newborns. However, in ancient times, Vietnamese women often use lemon juice as the last step after washing hair. In fact, the lemon juice can make hair becomes stronger, reamain less oil on scalp.

long beautiful straight hair 2

Besides lemon juice mixed with coconut oil to help reduce hair loss. And it can be also mixed with honey to help hair stronger. So, this kind of fruit just helps beautiful hair to help restore hair very well. Even up to now, many Vietnamese women still use these natural way to wash the hair, therefore, their hair is very shiny and healthy.

vietnamese hair best natural hair1
vietnam hair

In the modern times, short hair is extremely popular, but Vietnamese women still keep a silky long hair. It is the real long natural black hair. Then if one day, they want to change their style like bending, straighten or making curls, the hair will be still strong and shiny, not be broken like other type of hair. In addition, the hair is easily style and keep the curls in a long time, then you can freely to beauty with style machines.

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Anyway, whether Chinese or Vietnamese hair, you also need to apply a suitable and good care to get a healthy hair for times. Do not forget to use norishing mask for hair frequently, it’d better made from natural ingredients. Besides, you should aslo have a proper diet full of vitamins which is good for hair growth and hair beauty.


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