Very Simple Steps For Lace Closure Installation

Lace Closure Installation

For girls with thin or fine hair, hair extensions are considered as the best method that helps them deal with the problem quickly. One of the hair products are all the rage among women today is lace closure. What do you know about this amazing hair extensions?

Lace Closure Installation

As can be known, lace closures are hairpieces in which hair strands are tied into a piece of lace. There are some popular types of laces like silk base, swiss lace, transparent lace, etc. In term of the size, a lace closure can go from temple to temple with the standard size of 4×4 inch. It often lies in the middle of the head or sometimes on the side to give a side part look.

Now find out some reasons to use this type of hair extension as well as simple steps to install lace closure.

Why Do You Need A Lace Closure?

Needless to say, a lace closure has a lot of advantages. The reason why many people choose the closures is that this type of hair extensions helps to make a natural looking wig as well as fulfill hair styles. When used at the front of the head, it looks natural and real so that no one can realize that you are wearing the hair extensions. It can be said that the lace closure is necessary to make a full wig. Using the lace that has the same color with your scalp, the lace closures give a feeling that the hair is growing from the scalp. Another reason is that you can part the hair into any side you want when using the closures.

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Lace Closure With Bundles

In a nutshell, these extensions are perfect for females caring about hair. Besides being used to make a wig, closures can be used along with some weaves to give a full look and finish off your style. These products have a protecting function because they can prevent outside factors like environmental elements or pollutants from damaging your real hair. They are ideal for almost hair types due to their flexibility as well as versatility.

Lace Closure Of Luxshinehair

If you want to purchase high-quality human hair extensions, I highly recommend Luxshinehair, one of the prestigious brands in hair extensions field on the market now. They offer lace closures made from 100% Remy human hair in different textures, colors and lengths. I am sure that you will definitely feel satisfied with their hair products.

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How To Install Lace Closure?

It is quite easy for you to wear a lace closure. Below are some useful tips that you can apply to install your lace closure more easily and quickly. Sewing-in and gluing is the best choice to install the lace closure. Now, find out a few of simple steps for a quick application.

How To Install Lace Closure

  • The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your hair is washed and conditioned thoroughly.
  • After that, it is time for you to start cutting the extra lace around the base of the closure. It is advised to leave half an inch of lace around the sides and the back of the extension. In addition, you can also adjust by putting the lace closure over your braids until it lines up with the hairline. This will help you to know how much of the excess lace you should cut.
  • After cutting the extra lace, lay the closure forward in the similar direction with your hairline. Using 2 pins to secure the lace on your head, which makes it stay nice when sewing.
  • Now, begin to sew in the lace closure by using the needle and thread. It is better to sew one more line in your real hair if you want to install the closure more securely. At last, comb and part your hair gently.
  • After you finish the lace closure installation, it is time for you to style your hair. You are able to braid, curl or make some simple hairstyles as the way you make with your natural hair. Undoubtedly, the lace closures will offer you a very natural look with beautiful and voluminous hair.

Girl With Lace Closure

Lace closures not only have a lot of advantages but are also easy to install. Now, you can know how to apply a lace closure by yourself. I hope that this post will be helpful to you. Thanks a lot for your reading.

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