Unnoticeable Mistakes You Make With 24 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

24 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

It takes a lot of time for you to wait until your hair becomes longer. But what will you do if you are planning to take part in an event or party with a long hairstyle? Don’t worry, 24 inch clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair will help you to deal with this problem immediately. So, what do you know about their clip in extensions? Although you are a regular customer of this company or just a newbie, I still want to share with you something necessary about their 24 inch hair extensions clip in as well as mistakes many customers meet when using this type of hair extensions. I hope that this article will be helpful to you!

24 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

1. Luxshinehair Clip-in Hair Extensions in 24 Inch – Before and After

Needless to say, clip-in hair extensions in 24 inch are very long, which can give you the hair extending to your rib or even reaching to your waist. So amazing! With these extensions, your dream of a long and voluminous hairstyle doesn’t matter.

24 Inch Hair Extensions Clip In Before And After

When it comes to 24 inch human hair clip in extensions of Luxshinehair, you can completely feel secure for using. This is one of the most prestigious Vietnamese companies in supplying best clip in hair extensions as well as many other types like bulk, weave, wig, keratin hair, etc. I know that all of their products are made from 100% Remy human hair, the highest quality hair. Therefore, they always look beautiful, smooth, soft and healthy.

How 24 Inch Clip In Changes Your Look

Their long hair extensions like 24 inch clip-ins win the love of almost customers from many countries on the world. They promise to bring you longer and thicker hair to create many appealing hairstyles as you want. In addition, when coming to Luxshinehair, you can opt for hair extensions based on your favorite colors. Besides high-quality black hair, this company also offers many colored hair extensions, depending on the customers’ demands. So, don’t hesitate to try their products and feel the wonderful things by yourself.

2. Mistakes You Make With 24 Inch Clip-in Hair

Clip In Hair Extension Mistakes

Mistake 1: Installing 24 Inch Clip-ins on Too Short Hair

Clip in extensions in 24 inch are considered as the long hair. Therefore, it will be not suitable if you apply them on bobs or pixies because the extensions and your hair can not blend together perfectly. In this case, the clip-ins are easier to be recognized and give you an unnatural look, decreasing your confidence. That is the reason why you had better choose the extension based on your current length. If you hair is medium in length, it is possible for you to apply 24 inch clip in human hair extensions. Meanwhile, for a girl with a bob, the clip in hair with this length seems weird and easy to be seen.

Mistake 2:  Using Wrong Colors

Another mistake many people usually make is choosing the wrong shade that is different from their current hair color. After that, the extension will not definitely match seamlessly with your natural hair. And it is obvious that the long extensions like 24 inch clip-ins are more noticeable although the difference of color is very small. So, it is important to purchase the clip in extensions that fit perfectly your hair color if you want to use them on the entire head. It will help to complement your look.

However, in case you would like to make some highlights or lowlights that contrast with your natural hair, clip in hair extensions are a perfect choice that helps you to avoid any unwanted regrets. You can choose the color of the clip-in which satisfies your favor to make something new for your hair. But, it is better to get a trial before you decide to buy them.

Highlights With 24 Clip In Hair

Mistake 3: Adding Wefts Too High or Too Close To The Crown

The third mistake you should avoid is to add the clip-ins too high. It is the fact that if you begin to add each weft from the crown, it is so easy for others to see your extensions. What do you think in this situation? A little bit shy! Right?

To be honest, at the top, there is less hair and the hair in this area also has more movements, which can reveal your clips easily. Meanwhile, the hair lower on your head seems thicker and tends to stay more fixedly. For this reason, clipping the extensions at the lower position on your head will allow your hair to look more natural without revealing your secret. How? You ought to start to install the extensions by dividing your real hair by your ear as well as below the ear. And then add the wefts from your ear line or below it, moving gradually higher.

Put The Clip In Hair Extensions Below Your Ears

Mistake 4: Adding Too Much Hair

You will get many hair wefts when buying 24 inch Remy clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair. But it doesn’t mean that you have to use all of them for each usage. Installing a lot of the clip-ins at the same time makes it harder for you to cover all of your extensions you have applied on your head. Therefore, for a natural look, always remember not to use all the wefts you have. The advice for you is just to use the adequate number of the clip in extensions in 24 inch that are required for longer hair and natural look. In short, over-installation not only looks bad but also causes pains for the users.

Mistake 5: Choosing Wrong Textures

For some reasons, there are still persons who make mistakes in opting for textures that doesn’t fit their natural hair. It is recommended that you should choose the clip in extensions with the same texture as your hair. For example, you have curly hair, curly clip in hair extensions are the best choice, which gives you the most natural look. Take the choice of right texture into a great consideration!

Mistake 6: Sleeping with Your Clip-ins

Do you know that if you go to sleep with hair extensions clip in, especially with long hair like 24 inch, your next morning can become a disaster. I know that after a hard-working day, you feel completely exhausted and want to do nothing, including removing your hair extensions. But, if you want to have a good dream, it is better to spend some time getting rid of all your clip-ins. Furthermore, sleeping in your clip in extensions can result in some serious tangling, knotting or matting. This will shorten the lifespan of your extensions. In short, it is important for you to remove those extensions and store them carefully.

Sleeping With Your Clip Ins

Mistake 7: Not Washing The Extensions Properly

How often should you wash your clip-ins out? All is depended on how much times you use them. I am sure that not of us know what type of hair wash routine the clip in hair extensions really need. Find out it right now!

Washing The Clip In Hair Extensions In 24 Inch

If you use them daily, it is suggested to shampoo your extensions one per week. But, in case you just use clip-in hair for some special occasions, wash them every 3-5 using times. In addition, it is also based on how much product you apply on your hair extensions to decide when you will wash them. After each of using product, you had better shampoo the extensions once right after taking them out. Generally, this will help get rid of any products on your hair as well as keep it in good condition and natural texture.

Mistake 8: Using Wrong Products

Whether the kinds of shampoos you use are suitable and friendly to your extensions or not. Always avoid using harmful products with hair chemicals to wash your human clip-ins. Do you know why? Because the human hair from your extensions is not provided with nutrients and moistures from the scalp any more. If you use the harsh products, it can strip all necessary available nutrients on the hair out as well as create product build-up, making it dry and lifeless.

It is advised to use free-sulfate shampoos and conditioners or natural hair care products to supply moistures and essential nutrients for your human hair extensions. This is one of the best ways to keep your 24 inch clip in human hair extensions beautiful and healthy.

If you can’t change the world, change yourself to make your world different and better. You can start by renewing your hair. Clip in hair extensions 24 inch of Luxshinehair will help you fulfill this dream. With these extensions, gorgeous hairstyles becomes so easy to create without causing damage to your hair. Don’t be afraid to change!

Clip In Water Body Wavy Black 01

I have shown you how 24 inch clip in hair change your look as well as the most common mistakes that many women usually do when using them. I hope this post is helpful to you as well as provides you with necessary information if you are going to use this type of hair extensions. Thanks a lot for your reading!


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