Types of hair weaves worldwide – which one is the best?

Types Of Hair Weave
Types Of Hair Weave

There are many types of hair weave in the world. Some of them are prestigious for quality, the others are about their cost. What exactly are they? Scroll down to get the details about them, and you will know the best one for you.


What are weaves?

Weaves are shortened of weave hair extensions (also known as machine weft hair). It’s a product to lengthen and volume up your natural tress for an attractive look. It is more popular among Black community, but it is used in other cultures as well. The unit of this hair extensions is bundle which generally weigh 100g (equivalent to 3.5 oz).

There are many methods to apply hair weaves such as quick weave, sew in, braidless sew in, etc. Besides, we can turn them into a wig before install to our head. How many bundles is enough for a wig? I am glad that you ask. Find out the answer here.

Classification basing on original

Brazilian hair

Brazilian Hair Weave

This is the most popular hair extensions among America – Africa in the markets. It is famous for

  • Coarse and strong hair
  • Natural textures from straight to wavy and curly (while other hair usually need hot steam or chemical to style)
  • Natural color from black to dark brown
  • Ability to dye and bleach to color #613
  • Cheap human hair extensions

However, it’s not really true. Even when it comes from Brazil, there are different hair quality. The cheaper, the worse. On the one hand, you cannot dye cheap hair either.

Slavic hair

Slavic Hair Weave

This is the highest hair quality for European because it includes 100% natural hair color with different shades from black to brown to blonde. Whilst, other original hair extensions don’t have natural blonde color. Thus, Slavic hair has tendency to be the most expensive one in the world. At the same time, we hardly find a real Slavic hair suppliers which increase the costs of this type of hair weaves.

Collected from donors who live in cold weather, the Slavic hair is thin hair. As a result, one of its perks is the ability to dye and bleach easily. On the other hand, it is not good at holding the curls and waves made by hot tools as other types of hair weave in the world.

Vietnamese hair


Vietnamese hair is the rising star in hair market for late 10 years. We can say it is a big competitor to Brazilian hair because it shares the same features as Brazilian. Additionally, there are some outstanding advantages of Vietnamese hair in comparison to Brazilian one as below.

  • Hair quality. Unlike Brazilian hair, Vietnamese hair have fine hair which is soft and smooth. Also, it is strong and healthy enough to suffer heat from hot styling tools and keep the pattern well.
  • Well maintenance. Vietnamese women are famous for their amazing hair care with natural recipes.
  • Ease in hair care. With fine hair, it takes less effort to keep your weaves healthy. The thinner cuticles and follicles can absorb the nutrients better.

Classification basing on the materials

Synthetic hair

Synthetic Hair Weaves

Synthetic hair or artificial hair is the cheapest hair extensions in hair market. Companioning with its price is its quality. You cannot requires it to be soft and smooth. At the same time, you cannot ask it to be versatile like your natural hair. However, it also has its own advantages such as low cost (needless to say), tons of colors and styles and ease in hair care. Meanwhile, there are some cons that we can deny. Never style your synthetic hair with hot tools or it will be melted. Even heat from water or sunshine results in faded colors and short lifespan of the products.

Human hair

Although they are human hair, virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair have some differences. Read on to see some brief information about these extensions.

Virgin hair

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair refers to hair that hasn’t been any chemical process such as dying or bleaching process. It’s 100% pure human hair with highest quality. In hair industry, we mentions to virgin hair to talk about hair from 1 donor. Thus, the ability to color is much higher. As healthy as it is, it lasts for long time (2 years in average) for multiple uses.

Remy hair

Straight Hair Wig

Also human hair, however, remy hair is collected from more than 2 donors. Even though, they still have cuticles intact and run in the same direction. Hence, it’s absolutely tangle-free. In contrary with virgin hair, this types of hair weaves has been chemically treated before. That’s the reason why it has lower ability to go lighter. Normally, you can turn it into light brown color. If you have good technique with high quality dying products, you can reach #613 as well.

Non-remy hair

If you are looking for cheap human hair extensions, this one is for you. While 2 types of hair weave above have cuticles aligned, this one doesn’t. In general, this hair is collected from the ground or temple donation. Consequently, the cuticles are not arranged in same direction which causes knotted weaves. To solve this problem, the hair supplier will use ammoniac and some chemicals to remove the outer layer of the natural hair and cover it with silicon. You may wonder why it is cheaper while they are through more process than remy hair and virgin hair. In fact, this types of hair weaves has low quality and short longevity.  After few wash, the coverage is swept away and the hair soon turns to breakage, split end, dullness, and a lot of bad effects.

Classification basing on the machine weft

Single Weft And Double Weft

There are 2 types of hair weaves that are single weft and double weft. It is basically about the thread in the bundles. Single weft is sewn in with 1 line of thread only. Then, it cannot bear much hair or it sheds a lot. The track of this hair type is extensive and hard to apply. Whilst, double weft is twofold of the single weft. Hence, the track is shorter and thicker.

Actually, you can find more types of hair weave out there but we collect the best necessary information you need about hair weave here.


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