Top Trendy Shaved Hairstyles For Women 2019

Shaved Sides Hairstyles For Women

Are you looking for a hairstyle that will totally change your appearance? Do you want to become cool and fashionable like a real model only changing your boring current hair? If yes, let say goodbye to your old hair and welcome a completely new trendy hairstyle- shaved hairstyles for women.

Many people often misunderstand that shaved hair will make them look more masculine and it’s only suitable for men! It’s completely wrong. Amazing shaved hairstyles for women, on the other hand, help them look even more feminine and chic! There is no word which can be used to describe women with shaved hair better than “gorgeous”.

Let take a look at some amazingly stunning shaved hairstyles for women and get ready to change your appearance!

Shaved Hairstyles For Women

Short shaved hairstyles for women

Short hair combined with shaving is such a great choice for women. Parted-side pixie with one shaved part is amazingly cool. The undercut with shaved wavy line is the highlight of this hairstyle. Besides, you can also color your long side in unique color like pink or blue to help it even much cooler. There is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most flattering short shaved hairstyles for women.

Parted-side pixie with one shaved part

Wavy one side shaved hairstyle is another version of short side-parted. Wavy texture is always trendy and gives women an attractive look. Besides, wavy hair also help reframe your face to create stylish look.

Wavy One Side Shaved Hairstyle

Among all short shaved hairstyle for women, shaved undercut bob stands out with simple haircut but still attractive. This style can suit different shapes of face and different styles of makeup as well. Besides, one more reason why shaved undercut bob is becoming more and more popular is because it shaved undercut, so you can have 2 style: normal bob when your hair is pulled down and shaved hair when you put it up.

Shaved Undercut Bob

Shaved sides hairstyles for women is best-suited for women with short hair. If you like to get attention, nothing can make you stand out better than having shaved hairstyle. This hairstyle can go well with different styles. No matter you are an artist or a businesswoman, you can completely rock this gorgeous hairstyle in and out of office.

Shaved Sides Hairstyles For Women

Half shaved hairstyles for women is another perfect choice for girls with short hair. No need any more unique color to make it cool, black hair itself can totally help you outstanding. Besides, half shaved hairstyles for women can combine with stylish earrings like cross or hoops to create an impeccable look. This is exactly a transformation for women who are getting stuck in finding a new appearance.

Half Shaved Hairstyles For Women

Beside, semi shaved hairstyles for women will be much more interesting when you make a small bun on top of head, using the rest hair which is left when shaving. It will show your shaving and attract all attention from other people.

Semi Shaved Hairstyles For Women

Long shaved hairstyles for women

Women with long hair can be more attractive and stylish with shaved side hairstyles for women. Not many women can be so brave to shave their long hair since once you shave, you cannot take it back. The shaved part will underscore your hairstyle as long as show your characteristic. Don’t daren’t to do whatever you like. If you don’t try, you may never know how pretty this flattering hairstyle is.

Long Shaved Hairstyles For Women

Half shaved hairstyles for women now is becoming more popular since it appeals many celebs who doesn’t mind shaving off a section of their long hair. It’s even more chic and charming with loose wavy hair flowing down beautifully. Blonde color will help enhance the beauty of this hairstyle and create dimension for your hair.

Beautiful Half Shaved Hairstyles For Women

Twisted braid shaved side is a smart choice of black women with long hair. Twisted braids are cool and impressive. When combining with shaved hair, they all together bring you an outstanding appearance. Twisted braids are quite easy to make and doesn’t take too much time. Therefore, you can completely rock one beautifully!

Twisted Braid Shaved Side

If you are fed up with pulling down hair, you can change a little bit to make more impression. You can shave two sides of your hair (just about 5-7cm), then put your hair up in a bun to make a highlight for your hair. A pair of sunglasses and big hoop earrings will contribute to increase your beauty and help you look like a real fashionista.

Shaved Hairstyles With A High Bun For Women

Shaved hairstyles for women are really worth trying. Don’t accept what things are, but always try to make it in a better way and say “why not”. Therefore, don’t daren’t to try new thing, if you like, let do it.

There are many types of shaved hairstyles for women, but in this post we only mentions the most flattering hairstyles to help you simply choose the most suitable one. Shaved hairstyles will magically change your appearance and complete your look.


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