Perfect For Long Faces

When you consider applying extensions to your natural hair, it is usually for fullness or adding length, but not always. A short weave can be a great alternative to a new short hairstyle without altering your natural hair. There are plenty of options from bright colors to sexy layers which are good choices for black ladies. Depending on how natural and bright you want your hair to look, you can choose a hairstyle from the list of hottest short hairstyles weave below.

Short Weave Hairstyles1. Perfect for Long Faces

Keep your hair length past your chin to match your oval face. Cutting it blunt and putting it in straight bangs are also stunning ways to shorten your long face.

Perfect For Long Faces2. Gorgeous Curly Hair

This is a perfect short weave hairstyle that you should try. When you wear these super cute curls all over your hair, you’ll get a natural look. With this elegant hairstyle, you’re going to have a distinctive and sexy look.

Gorgeous Curly Hair3. Wavy Bob

With this quick weave, keep your hair simple but cute and curly. It’s great for women who want to look fabulous without styling too much.

Wavy Bob4. Layered bob

We definitely love this haircut featuring lots of sexy color flips, curls and splashes.

Layered Bob5. Weave with Closure

This short weave hairstyle is ideal for oval and long face. It also makes for a balanced look.

Weave With Closure6. Rainbow Statement

Rainbow colors make the long, layered hair more striking. When your hair go with a few unique hues, they will express your own personality.

Rainbow Statement7. Pixie Cut Sew In

Short quick weave styles are popular with busy girls. If you have a busy schedule, a simple enhancement is perfect for your hair. It will be better if it has the mixing of colors which brightens the face.
Pixie Cut Sew In

8. Curly Top

Keep things cute and curly with this style that adds big waves all over the head. This short weave hairstyle with two-toned will give you a beautiful look.

Curly Top9. Blonde Bob with Side Part

Blonde bob is the best short weave hairstyle to try without harming your hair if you want a bold and light color. You won’t make too much effort to look amazing every day with this sweet style.

Blonde Bob With Side Part10. The Jerry Curl

Try this hairstyle for an instant change. The curls in this Jerry weave make it easy as a statement with less styling.

The Jerry Curl11. Platinum Blonde Bob

Weave hairstyles are ideal for black women who want to try a bold color but don’t want to handle damaged strands with bleaching. Ask your stylist not to leave any of your natural locks when you get your next sew-in. You can show off your new hues without having to color your tresses.

Platinum Blonde Bob12. Haircut for Round Faces

The short bob weave closes in on the wider areas of the face, giving the girls’ face a more elongated form.

Haircut For Round Faces13. Thick Wavy Lob

Making this glamorous style is as easy as it seems. The impressive texture of the ebony brings a decent amount of volume, delicate angelic textures to perfectly frame the oval face.

Thick Wavy Lob14. Short Natural Hair with Twists

You will come up with an impressive short weave hairstyle, leaving your sides sleek and guiding all the twist curls to the crown. Highlights are the easiest way to change your short hairstyle. For women with darker skin, golden and honey blonde highlights look great.

Short Natural Hair With Twists15. Short Box Braids Bob

If you are looking for a completely exotic and sexy eye-catching short hairstyle, short box braids bob may be your perfect choice. This hairstyle is not only stunning and fashionable but it also protects your hair.

Short Box Braids Bob16. Short Asymmetric Hair

Give yourself a trendy look with an asymmetric hairstyle. If hair is asymmetric, one side of the hair will be longer than the other. One side of the hair is super short for this style and the other side is the length of a bob. This hairstyle is very suitable for strong and active girls.

Short Asymmetric Hair

We have shown you a list of the hottest short weave hairstyles which will continue to be popular in 2020. To know more about weave hair, follow website We supply a lot of different types of weave hair which has different textures, colors, especially high-quality.


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