Top 7 Impressive Types of Hair Accessories That Never Go Out Of Style

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are much more powerful than you thought as they act as “make-up” for your hair. You may find it hard and time-consuming to style and take care of your hair, yet having hair accessories is an easy way to highlight your hair tresses. Now we are about to learn about various types of hair accessories to see if you could use any of them to change up your appearance.

How does your face shape decide your hair accessories’ characteristics?

Round Face

We believe you do not want to totally expose your round face. Then make sure the hair accessory you choose will not make your face look rounder. In other words, your hair accessory should “lengthen” your face. At the same time, a few strands fall on your cheeks will considerably help in face-framing.

Oval Face

In case your face shape is oval, congrats! All hair accessories look good on your face shape, in general.

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories

Heart Face

If your face has a heart shape, then try hair comb pins or simple hairpins on one side of your head. The accessories will frame your face charmingly as one side of your hair will be left loose. When using hairbands, you could add height to your hair at the top or leave a few hair strands loose rather than pushing your hair back totally.

Square Face

With a square face, you had better make sure that with whatever the hair accessory, your hair should be pulled back tightly.

Long Face

With the right accessories, you can focus on specific facial features on your long face. Take the headband for example. A headband shall make your forehead seem smaller while diverting attention to other details such as your eyes.

Suggestions for your hair accessories

Charming Clips

Hair Clips
Hair Clips

There are many different types of hair clips, but they have the same function that is to keep hair pulled back out of your face. In general, small clips are used to hold back fine baby hair so that it does fall. Meanwhile, larger ones are ideal to hold a whole ponytail tight. Not only the shapes but should you also pay attention to the materials as they decide the quality.

Metal clips are very strong and durable and are not likely to break or be damaged. However, they may not be the style that you are seeking and may not be as comfortable as plastic clips.

In contrast, plastic clips can be more easily broken and may not last for a long time. You could choose clips in a variety of colors and designs, We bet they will satisfy your interest and improve your appearance.

Multi-purpose Scarves


This is a multi-purpose accessory as you could not only use scarves for covering your face or combining with your clothes but also holding your hair in a beautiful way. Depending on the way to apply your scarf on your hair and the color of it, you will look either active or charming for different situations. Besides, there are many ways to use a scarf, just click here to find out your best style.

Cute Barrettes

Hair Barrettes
Hair Barrettes

Barrettes are usually smaller than hair clips. Therefore, they are ideal for holding back thin hair or the hair on the side of your head. They can be used in different ways, depending on their size and the overall look that you want for your hair.

There are also very short barrettes clips that aims to pull back little bits of hair from around the face. On the other hand, bigger barrettes can be put at the back of the head and are used to pull back the majority of a person’s hair. Finally, we could use other barrettes as a decoration only.

Luxurious Tiara


The tiara should definitely appear to highlight your wedding hairstyles of yourself and also other solemn events. You will look like a princess wearing that crown even with your simple hairstyle. Tiara is one of the most impressive types of hair accessories. It could turn extremely simple hair into an extremely appealing masterpiece.

Distinctive Headbands


You will wear this accessory either around the forehead or around the top of the head. They can be worn for decorative purposes and keeping hair away from the eyes or the face. They can originate from different types of materials.

If you want to avoid the headband moving, then it is a good idea to buy a headband that has teeth. These teeth will do a great job keeping your hair in place, but make sure they do not harshly rub the scalp.

Pretty Scrunchies


These are hair ties covered with fabric to create a bulkier hair tie, which is gentle for your hair strands and makes you look pretty and cute.

Fun Ribbons


You could use ribbons in so many different ways such as fixing the end of braids, holding hair back from the face, or acting as an embellishment on a ponytail or a bun.

The ribbon is one of the greatest hair accessories since it is so readily available, inexpensive, and can be matched to any outfit or theme that you like. This makes using ribbon to dress up a Halloween costume simple and inexpensive yet extremely gorgeous. Also, it is one of the best party hairstyles decorations.

We believe those types of hair accessories not only are exciting to watch and learn about but also could be easily applied to you. They can make your hair look neat and beautify your strands in awesome ways.

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