Summer is associated with hot weather and intense sunshine. Therefore, it is the time when comfortable hairstyles are called for.

Summer 2019 is coming. That is the reason why Luxshinehair is on the point of sharing with you the top 5 exclusive summer hairstyles for girls 2019.

Miley’s Cropped Pixie Haircut

top 5 exclusive summer hairstyles for girls in 2019 1

Short hair is always the top choice in summer as it gives us much coolness and comfortableness. As a bonus, short hair does not require you to spend too many hours wrestling with it (styling, washing, drying and so on).

With a cropped pixie haircut, there is no need to worry about hot weather. This is a signature hairstyle of Miley Cyrus. Does this dynamic two-tone look impress you? Let’s give it a try in this summer if yes.

Sleek Wrapped Ponytail

top 5 exclusive summer hairstyles for girls in 2019 2

In case short hair is not able to stir up your heart, it is okay to keep your long hair (or your medium hair). Who says that summer is only for short hair?

Surely many people, including you are bored with the normal ponytail. If this is the case, keep reading as you may find a way to upgrade your boring ponytail.

Luxshine HAIR believes that a sleek wrapped ponytail is sure to win your heart at first sight. Pull your hair up into a high ponytail or a low ponytail (it is up to you). Take a piece from the base of your ponytail to wrap around the base and you are done.

Low and Side Twisted Bun

top 5 exclusive summer hairstyles for girls in 2019 3

Low and side twisted bun is an ideal hairstyle for corporate events as well as parties. As the name suggests, this is a kind of low bun which is surrounded by two thin side twists.

To achieve this look, twist a piece of your hair from both sides of your parting, then create a bun. Some bobby pins are a must to prevent the bun from falling off.

French Braided Topknot

top 5 exclusive summer hairstyles for girls in 2019 4

French braided topknot becomes the favorite summer hairstyle of many girls not only because this hairstyle is suitable for hot weather but also because it can be applied to greasy and unwashed hair.

A French braided topknot will be a nice choice only if time does not matter for you because this is a time-consuming hairdo. However, it will be certainly worth your effort when it is finished.

Pull-through Braid

top 5 exclusive summer hairstyles for girls in 2019 5

For most of us, the love for braids started when we were little girls. As we grow up, the ways to create a braid are more and more diversified.

When it comes to what is called pull-through braid, there are different types such as messy braided ponytail, tuck-in braid and Rapunzel-Esque braid.

Overall, it can be said that pull through braid is really worth attention and admiration inasmuch as it gives the wears a romantic look.

Have you chosen for yourself any hairstyle as a means of keeping you cool in summer 2019? Please shoot us a comment below so that we can know the answers.


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