Top 10 Impressive Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Mini Afro

When it comes to hairstyles of black women, we must mention their short hairstyles. If you are a big fan of American movies, it is familiar to you to see a lot of women with unique short hairdos that create the characters’ own personality. If you are planning to change your hair, continue to reading this blog. Today, Luxshinehair will show you top 10 fabulous short hairstyles for black women. Let’s start!

Short Hairstyles For Black Women

1. Side-swept Pixie

If you want to become an elegant but still fashionable girl, it is time for you to try side-swept pixie. You can see a variety girls who look extremely chic and stylish with this short hairstyle. We are sure that you will be shining as a pearl and nobody can take their eyes off your young and energetic beauty. This amazing hairstyle with sweeping bangs and a few volume up top can give you an attractive appearance. Specially, when mixed with the addition of dark honey highlights, the side-swept pixie is exactly what lots of active black girls are looking for

Side Swept Pixie

2. Choppy Crop with Bangs

Your skin is black and your hair is short! It doesn’t matter. You might see a number of extremely beautiful hairstyles for black women with short hair in Hollywood films. Many black stars can make a considerable impression on the public thanks to unique short hairstyles. Choppy crop with bangs is one of the most popular hairdos chosen by the celebrities. This short hair has never become boring. The rough cut can add texture as well as interest, combined with the bangs which bring you a fashionable flair.

Choppy Crop With Bangs

3. African-American Cute Curly Pixie

You always love cute curls although your hair is short. So, that is the reason why you should try this Cute Curly Pixie. This short hair style is loved by almost African-American women. In other words, this cute short hairstyles for black women is so popular and affirms its position in girls’ heart. Imagine that you are wearing a lot of lovely curls. How fantastic you are! The big and spiraling coils allow you reveal your own characteristic. In other words, curls are one of the most effective ways to personalize the short cut you have.

African American Cute Curly Pixie

4. Mini Afro

When mentioning short hairstyles for black women, it will be a lack if we ignore Mini Afro. Some people think that big afro is the most beautiful and helps to flatter your beauty effectively. But, what a mistake it is! You don’t need to have a big afro to look attractive because a mini afro can be also gorgeous beyond your expectation. Besides, this short and fashionable haircut is maintained more easily than longer versions.

Mini Afro

5. Bob with Bangs

It is the fact that short hair is the new sexy that many girls are looking for. A thick and full bob looks so amazing itself. But it can even become more fantastic and stylish if you add bangs to the haircut. This short hairstyle is suitable with almost skin hues including black. Therefore, you don’t need to put too much worry into whether it matches your skin color or not. The Bob with Bang hairdo will give you the harmonious beauty of femininity and confidence. Is that your dream?

Bob With Bangs

6. Extra Short Natural Cut With Shaved Part

What are very short hairstyles for black women that cut down the time of maintaining but still help them shining? If you have natural hair with thick curls, it will be hard for you to care for it. So, what should you do to limit time as well as effort of caring hair? It is advised to keep it short and sweet, which makes maintenance of natural hair become much easier. You will not waste a lot of time on thinking which hairstyle you will make today. Add a shaved side part on your head to create a special impression.

Extra Short Natural Cut With Shaved Part

7. Temple Shaved Pixie

The temple shaved pixie cut is perfect for girls who fall in love with a short and edgy hairstyle. If you want to rock this cut, a smooth side-fringe will be the ideal way to help you get this goal. This is one of the most favorite hairdos of black girls because it not only gives them an impressive look but is also easy to maintain. What about you? Do you want to try this unique hairstyle to make a difference?

Temple Shaved Pixie

8. Mohawk Hairdos

There is no word to express this hairstyle but “cool”. If you are an independent and brave woman who doesn’t care any criticism of others about your personality, why you don’t try the Mohawk Hairdos? We are sure that this hairstyle will help show your true nature to the world. Don’t be afraid of changing! “If you can’t change yourself, how will you change the world?” Start with your hair first!

Mohawk Hairdos

9. Halo Afro

Sometimes, a little extra volume works well. You will look cooler with Halo Afro and it is time for you to get rid of the humidity. Now, enjoy your new hairstyle!

Halo Afro

10. Micro Bowl Cut

The last hairstyles for short hair black women we want to talk about today is Micro Bowl Cut. If you don’t want to make a lot of changes to your hair, make it simple with the Micro Bowl Cut. This hairstyle looks quite simple but still stylish, especially when mixed with total confidence.

Micro Bowl Cut

Luxshinehair has shown interesting short hairstyles for black women and also pointed their strengths in flattering your beauty. In a nutshell, we can’t deny the influence of short hairstyles on women. The above-mentioned examples are listed on the most beloved hairdos of almost females, especially Africa America ones. Do you love them? Choose the most suitable one for yourself to create a new thing in your life.


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