How to Choose the Right Extensions


Ever wondered how so many celebrities get their gorgeous hair? We have a secret; it is nearly always down to hair extensions. However, there is no need to book that salon appointment just yet. Let discover how to get beautifully full, long and gorgeous hair with our tips for using clip in hair extensions.

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Why Use Clip-In Extensions?

All hair extensions can have a magical effect; they’re amazing whether you just want to boost your volume, change texture or whether you want to add a little extra length.

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At the salon, there are various semi-permanent methods of hair extensions, from glue-in to tape and micro ring extensions. Whilst a great stylist will leave you looking and feeling a million dollars, these kind of extensions are expensive and require a lot of upkeep. There is no doubt about it; hair extensions are a commitment.

This is where clip-in hair extensions come in. With the option to take them in or out, they are perfect if you like to change up your look. Plus, as you don’t need to wear them all day every day like the other options, they are less likely to put strain on your hair and scalp.

How to Choose the Right Extensions

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You should choose real human: Natural hair is usually more expensive but can be dyed and styled to match your natural hair perfectly.

The Right Shade? Getting the right shade of hair will make a huge difference to your finished look. You can either try to color match (Luxshine Hair for example offer samples to help you to find your ideal shade) or natural hair can be dyed to perfectly match your look.

The Right Length? While extensions are fabulous for adding length, for a natural finish, opt for no more a couple of inches or so longer than your natural hair if you want it to blend. If you are buying extensions to cut and style with your hair, then remember to choose a longer length that can be trimmed.

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