Applying Vietnam virgin hair extensions is not a new trend among women over the world. They are considered as effective beauty hair tools to help women boost their look naturally. You may know clearly about their benefits, however, do you know how to take care of them correctly? For some women using permanent hair extensions, sleeping with them is necessary. But do you worry about how to sleep without damaging your Vietnam virgin hair? If you are still confused, you will find the answer in this post. We will show you some tips to sleep with hair extensions safely.

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No matter what type of hair extensions you apply, you have to follow some steps to make sure that your Vietnam virgin hair is not damaged while you sleep.

Step 1: Brush your hair

The first thing you have to always to remember is to brush your hair. This helps you to remove all tangles and knots away from your hair. It is a basic step to help you have smooth hair.

Step 2: Inspect your hair roots

Checking your bonds for any knots or tangles should be your daily habit to take care of your Vietnam virgin hair. You must to do this to ensure there is no risk for your hair. Whether you apply any types of extensions, this step is necessary.

Step 3: Apply conditioner for your Vietnam virgin hair extensions

To keep your hair always shiny, a suitable conditioner should be used. Apply this treatment over the mid lengths and ends of your hair extensions. Remember to not apply conditioner over your hair roots.

Step 4: Braid your hair

To prevent your Vietnam virgin hair from tangling, the most suitable style is leaving your hair in a braid. Applying this way will contribute to keep your hair in the good condition. By secure hair in a braid, your hair will not move around, which makes hair be tangled. Moreover, braiding your hair also help you brush it more easily in the next morning because it reduce tangles and knots on your hair. Following this step, you will have smooth and silky hair in all day long.

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Step 5: Remove braid and wash your hair to remove conditioner in the next morning

After sleeping for a night, let your hair free by removing braid and brushing your hair. You will find it easy to brush due to the effect of braid. Then, wash your hair with shampoo and water to remove conditioner. After being applied conditioner for a night, your Vietnam virgin hair will look smooth, shiny and silky.

Above are some steps to help you sleep with your hair extensions safely and comfortably. To take care of them well and keep them in a good condition, you should be careful in each step. If you care your extensions properly, they can be reused in a long time and help you enhance your look effectively. Therefore, follow these steps to have beautiful hair extensions.


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