The Things You Must Know Before You Straighten Curly Hair


Curly hair is the best, however sometimes it can be amusing to blend things up. Rectifying curly hair is notoriously hard work, and can prompt heat harm and breakage, so it’s critical to do it right.

The easiest and best fixing begins from a wash. I’ve generally thought that it was less detangle my hair while it is wet and slathered with conditioner, and afterward in the wake of washing and towel drying, brushing it again to isolate the twists. On the off chance that you endeavor to brush out wavy hair when it’s dry, you’re likely to get a lot more breakage, and not get to the roots properly.

Section it up

know before you straighten curly hair 1 Work on small segments of the hair,again with the goal that you can achieve the roots, yet additionally to ensure every last bit of the hair is completely brushed, dried, saturated, and obviously, rectified. Use a tail comb to part the hair into layers, starting at the back and sticking whatever is left of the hair off the beaten path.

Nourish as you go

know before you straighten curly hair 2

It’s really important, especially for afro hair, to add in conditioning products while you’re straightening your hair. I utilize light olive oil (correct, the kind you’d find in the kitchen) on clammy hair and run it through each segment with my fingers previously applying heat.However relying upon your hair compose, you may be in an ideal situation with a leave in conditioner rather than an oil. For example, Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray, which contains keratin proteins, won’t dry out your hair like alcohol-based sprays.

Blow-dryer / brush combo

know before you straighten curly hair 3

Make sure you dry your hair thoroughly before going anywhere near it with straighteners, or you’ll get the feared sizzle. A few people swear by blow dryers with brush connections, however I’ve by and by never discovered them that powerful. I like to utilize a decent brush (I adore the Denman Original Styling Brush, £6.99), and blow-dryer at the same time, pulling the hair rigid with the brush while drying it in areas, which will give you a head begin on the straightening.

Find the best straighteners

know before you straighten curly hair 4

It’s worth investing in a good pair of straighteners. The GHD Eclipse Styler, £145, utilizes imaginative innovation to keep up ideal warmth. Once more, part your blow-dried hair into layers and work your way through, making sure to get to the roots.


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