The Difference Between 12 Inch vs 14 Inch Hair Extensions

Difference between 12 and 14 inch hair length

Have you ever passed the days when you had to wait for the hair to grow longer to no success? That’s terrible, right? There is no denying that using hair extensions is the most effective method to deal with this problem. But, I’m sure that choosing the right length for your hair is not an easy thing. If you are thinking of a medium-length hairstyle, you will wonder whether you should choose extensions of 12 inch or 14 inch. All information below about the 12 inch and 14 inch hair length will make everything become a piece of cake. Let’s keep following.

How Long Is 12 Inches Of Hair?

12 inch hair extensions is about 30 centimeters in length which is measured when the hair is maximally stretched. With 12 inch hair length, your hair will be a bit longer than shoulder length hair. In another words, this length touches your shoulders or reaches the top part of your back. This is the perfect choice for any girl who loves a medium-length haircut.

12 inch hair length

How Long Are 14 Inch Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions of 14 inch length reach below the shoulder, so they will further create more volume. The length of 14 inch hair extensions is approximately 35 centimeters when straightened. This is an armpit length hair for the average height women. This hair is quite popular among women all over the world because it gives them the feminine style.

14 Inch Hair Extensions

What Are The Differences Between 12 Inch and 14 Inch Hair Length?

Although they look a bit similar, there are several evident differences between these two hair types.

The Length

  • The Hair Length

As you know, the 12 inches hair reaches the shoulder length and the 14 inch hair length reaches the armpit. In fact, they are completely different from the length size sometimes you can use 14 inch hair extensions instead of 12 inches hair because it is just a bit longer.

  • The Essence

While 14 inches hair enhance the hair volume as it improves the length, 12 inch one is ideal for an improved style.

  • The Look

It is believed that compared to the 14 inch hair, 12 inch hair extensions looks more natural. Hair extensions of 12 inches make you look beautiful as though you are wearing their natural hair.

Where To Buy 12 Inch and 14 Inch Hair Extensions?

Have you ever heard about Luxshinehair? If you are still considering what hair extension brand to go for, don’t hesitate to try hair extensions of this brand. They supply hair extensions of all lengths ranging from 6 inches to 32 inches. For 12 inch vs 14 inch hair, you have various options for colors and textures. Moreover, all items of Luxshinehair are 100% made of Vietnamese Remy hair, so your hair will not get tangles or shedding. Especially, you will have a chance to experience glamorous medium-length hairstyles and natural looks if you use these extensions.

Please comment below this article if you have any question or contact if want to purchase high-quality hair extensions and get more information about your favorite hair type. Thanks so much for reading!

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