Is 10A the best hair grade in the world?

Hair Grade
Hair Grade

“Which hair grade do you offer?” is one of the most frequent questions that every hair supplier receiving from their new clients. Many people don’t really understand this system because they think 10A is the best. Sometimes, even when they buy hair, receive it, they cannot know if they buy the right one. So how to determine the hair quality exactly? Good question, we will show you how. Scroll down to find more.


The old hair grade system

You absolutely hear about 5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A. This system was born and grown up in China with the meaning to classify hair quality. This term was first appeared in 2012 with 5A to label good hair extensions. However, it became variety with 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A and 10A from then to now. In some company, they even tag their products with 11A or 12A. It’s easy to realize that the more A it is, the higher quality. But, is it true?

In the market nowadays, 8A and 9A are the most favorable grades because they stand for hair which can last for 1 year. Whilst, 10A is the best virgin hair from 1 donor that costs you a lot. People believe that 10A hair can last up to 3 years with proper care. There is no evidence to prove the hair grade at all. It’s so vague and illogical.

Hair Grade

The new hair quality check system

Unlike Chinese hair vendors, Vietnamese hair suppliers have built a clearly hair quality system with the exact criteria.

Human hair or synthetic fibers

This is the most important thing you need to care about when buying hair extensions. Synthetic fibers are not soft at all. Especially, you cannot style it with hot tools (because it will be melted!). If you wash it too much, wear it under sunshine, etc its color is faded. On the other hand, human hair is the same as your natural hair. It’s soft, smooth and tangle free. Also, you can take care of it as your natural tress.


Briefly, cuticles are the outer layer of hair that play a role as a shield. It protects our hair, make it shine and healthy. To have aligned cuticles, the hair need collecting directly from hair donors, tie it as a bundle. Then, these bundles go on process to become hair extensions with smooth and tangle free features. Thus, some hair suppliers tend to buy cheap hair materials which are collected from hair falls in the ground and go on acid process. These harmful chemical will wash away the cuticles. Even though they cover these bad hair with silicon, the hair quality is low.

Hair Cuticle Diagram
Hair Cuticle Diagram

Virgin or Remy

To acknowledge about these terms, click here. Generally, virgin hair is 100% pure hair from 1 donor which hasn’t been through any hair process such as hairstyles with chemical, hair dye, etc. On the other hand, remy hair is from 2 donors and above and it can be through hair process or not. Hence, virgin hair is the best but remy hair is good as well. The former can last up to 3 years while the latter is 2 years for most. Ican say that most of Vietnam Remy Hair is equal to hair grade 9A and virgin hair is equal to 10A.

Hair standards

This is the difference of Vietnamese hair suppliers and other hair suppliers in the world. We divide it into 4 standards with distinguished thickness.

Hair Standards

  • Single drawn (A)
  • Double drawn type 1 (A+)
  • Double drawn type 2 (A++)
  • Super double drawn (A+++)

As you can see, the more plus it is, the thicker hair is. Thanks to them, we have the comparative prices. Thus, clients have more choices for good hair quality with the most reasonable prices to their financial condition.


Can you dye hair extensions? It’s also an important criteria. Vietnamese hair is natural black which is harder to go blonde. However, if you have good technique, nothing is impossible. In case you are not good at painting the hair, just buy the hair extensions in different colors from the suppliers. There are 3 color groups that are black, brown and blonde. In each group, we have a large range of shades so that hair extensions will never be boring.

Where to buy hair extensions with the best hair grade?

Undoubtedly, it’s Luxshinehair – one of the leading hair company in Vietnam. They have more than 16-year-experience in hair industry.


What is special about their products?

  • 100% Vietnam Remy Hair
  • Cuticle aligned, no tangle, no shedding
  • Long lifespan (up to 2 years with proper care)
  • Available to dye and bleach
  • Available in 33 colors from 6” – 32” (even longer!)
  • A large range of hair extensions types: bulk hair extensions, weave hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, tip hair extensions, closure, frontal, wig, etc
  • Factory price with many big discounts

How to buy from them?

You can visit their online store. Their team will support you to get more info about hair extensions, colors, prices and their promotions. They are online 24/7 to support you so don’t hesitate to make a conversation.

If you are a newcomer to hair beauty, you absolutely need to know about hair grade. Is this post helpful for you? Please leave a comment so that we know what you want. Follow us now or you will miss many special guidelines, the latest hair trends and useful hair tips. Have a nice day!


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