Most Stunning Quick Weave Bob Hairstyles

Curly Quick Weave Bob

It is undeniable that after many decades, despite the rapid change of women’s hairstyles, bob cut has never run out of fashion and always sits among top trendy hairstyles for women. No matter how you color your bob, it’s still chic, charming and cool.

If you are a big fan of bob or intend to have a bob hair without saying goodbye to your current medium or long hair, just a try to see whether it works or not, quick weave bob is a perfect option. Don’t worry if you have no idea about quick bob hair style, this post today will clarify everything for you. Are you ready? Here we go!

Quick Bob Hair Style

What is quick weave bob?

A quick weave is a kind of hair extensions which are installed by gluing weave hair extensions directly to your protective scalp which is placed on your head before. Quick weave now is one of the most popular method that women like to do when having hair extensions. In brief, it’s simple and safe since your real scalp and hair are protected by a protective scalp.

Additionally, quick weave has different styles like different size of length, color or texture depending on your favor. Among them, quick weave bob is one of the best-selling one.

What Is Quick Weave Bob

Quick weave bob from Luxshinehair is made from 100% Vietnamese human hair which is considered as the best hair for quick weave bob due to its high quality. With the meticulous hair collecting process and careful production, our quick weave bob always satisfies our beloved customers from all over the world.

Girl With Quick Weave Bob

How to do a quick weave bob?

Like sew-in hair extensions, your hair is braided tightly in cornrows before placing the protective scalp. After wearing the protective scalp, hair wefts are cut and glued to this scalp. You need to make sure that your hair wefts are total dry to get the successful installation.

Weave hair extensions are attached until you complete the whole. It’s quite simple. However to get the perfect quick weave bob, you can go to hair salon nearby or ask your friend to install wefts for you through online tutorials.

How To Do A Quick Weave Bob

What are some popular quick weave bob hairstyles?

There are two main quick weave bob hairstyles due to the popularity and the market. Quick weave bobs are made based on natural bob hairstyles which can be classified into two groups: side part quick weave bob and middle part bob quick weave.

Side part quick weave bob

This kind of bob hair is quite popular and are loved by almost woman. Side part hair will help increase the volume of your hair and look more natural. Quick weave bob with side part in black color is a good choice for anyone who want to try this bob hairstyle. You often look familiar with long hair, a bob will definitely change your appearance.

Quick Weave Bob With Side Part In Black Color

Together with straight texture, curly quick weave bob is worth to try. Curly bob will bring you a chic and charming look, contribute to enhance your current beauty.

Curly Quick Weave Bob

Side part bob quick weave in straight texture will look cooler when combining with blue color. This ombre color will make you outstanding without damaging your current hair by coloring or bleaching. It’s also one of the good points of wearing quick weave coz you can choose what color you like, no bleaches or dyes.

Side Part Bob Quick Weave In Straight Texture With Blue Color

Middle part bob quick weave

Like side part bob, middle part bob weave is desperately popular in the market. Black color is always on top of trend no matter how style of hair it goes with. It’s believed that black hair helps woman look younger and more modern. This is true!

Middle Part Bob Weave

Middle bob hair is one of the favorite hairstyles of famous model. Because it shows their fashionable face and even helps it look better. Therefore, you can also be a fashionista with your own outfit and quick weave bob.

Middle Bob Hair

If you want to own a full hair with dimension, more volume and depth, light wavy texture is a good option for you. Besides, loose waves will help to reframe your face and really work with round face.

Middle Bob Hair In Light Wavy Texture

Quick weave bob is really a smart choice for women who want to try a new hairstyle but still keep their current hair. No cutting, no dyes or bleaches to get the perfect color, only by some simple steps, you can completely rock a chic and stunning bob hair.

If you have any questions or wonderings, feel free to leave us a message to get the best advice. Luxshinehair is a big and trustworthy hair supplier which provides Vietnamese hair extension to different countries in the world. We are proud to become your companion in beauty path.


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