Most Stunning Mandy Moore Short Hairstyles That Inspire You

Mandy Moore Short Hairstyles

Mandy Moore, who is an American singer and actress, started to be well-known with the first album “So Real”. She used to be named as “Candy Princess”, an idol of teenagers in the 2000s. After many happenings in marriage, she has changed her styles completely including hairstyles. Now, Mandy More has surprised her fans with reckless short hairstyles that flatter her fearless and bold beauty of an experienced person. Someone said that “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” and it is exactly Mandy More. Today, Luxshinehair will present most stylish Mandy Moore short hairstyles which might evoke your inspiration. Don’t let you wait anymore, let start!

Mandy Moore Short Hairstyles

Top 6 Mandy Moore Short Hairstyles

Mandy Moore: Short Pixie with Bangs

When it comes to short hair of Mandy Moore, the short pixie with bangs is one of her must-mentioned hairstyles. Her hair was colored with dark brown, making her looking like a brunette. People loved the way she cut her wispy locks into a short pixie that helped her to complement her figure. We can see a young and strong Mandy Moore in this picture with a very short haircut. No mater you have long, square or heart face shapes, the short pixie with bangs is always proper to you.

Short Pixie With Bangs

Mandy Moore: Sassy Feathers

If you have thin/fine hair, try the sassy feathers hairstyle that Mandy Moore used to rock. It can make your hair look thicker and more voluminous thanks to wispy strands, resembling dedicate feathers, around your face. With this hairdo, Mandy Moore could show all her strong points on her face and make a great impression on others. If you want to get a perfect look like her, don’t miss the sassy feathers.

Sassy Feathers

Mandy Moore: Romantic Waves

As you can see in this photo, Mandy Moore is wearing a wavy medium hairstyle that gives her an elegant and chic look. She looks so fetching in the hairstyle with soft romantic waves and none, especially men, can take their eyes off her gentle and attractive beauty.

Romantic Waves

Mandy Moore: Medium Waves with Bangs

We must say that Mandy Moore looks perfect in any short hairstyles and medium waves with bangs is no exception. This is one of Mandy Moore haircuts that you should try for a new appearance. This famous singer rocked this hairdo to attend the NBCUniveral 2016 Upfront Presentation in New York City, a very formal event for celebrities. As you see, this short haircut really complemented her bold and lively figure and made her attract all the attention of audience.

Medium Waves With Bangs

Mandy Moore: Short Jagged Flirt

If you are looking for a playful look, see the short jagged flirt rocked by Mandy Moore. The sexiness and attractiveness she shows in this photo is what many girls hope for. The fine side combined perfectly with back razored layers, along with a wet flirty finish brings an effectively beautifying result. Besides, Mandy Moore also added some side choppy bangs to fulfill a lively and playful look that impresses people around.

Short Jagged Flirt

Mandy Moore: Sensual Layers

Another short hairstyle of Mandy Moore we want to share with you is sensual layers. What do you think about her in this hairstyle? As you see, Mandy Moore looks more sensual and prettier than ever thanks to the graded chin-length bob cut mixed with layers. She is so beautiful that all people have to be impressed by her wherever she is. Like in this picture, we must say “how beautiful she is!” right? She made her haircut more special by tousling her ends to get a more fashionable effect. You are able to become gorgeous like Mandy Moore if you try this hairstyle, sensual layer.

Sensual Layers

What do you think about Mandy Moore short hairstyles? It can be denied that Mandy Moore is an expert in stealing fans’ hearts with her impressive and bold short hair. If you fall in love with her hairdos, don’t hesitate to try one of them at least once in your life. You will discover another image of yourself and how pretty you are. If you want to discover more beautiful hairstyles to get an impeccable look as well as useful hair care tips, continue to read the amazing articles of Luxshinehair.


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