Most Stunning Kristen Stewart Hair Styles That Inspire You

Kristen Stewart Hair

When it comes to Kristen Stewart, we immediately think about the well-known movies that she used to join in like Twilight, Runway, etc. Needless to say, the talent actress is always outstanding on the red carpet due to her cool clothes, special face, and interesting hairstyles. From an innocent and cute girl with bob hair, she has changed into a symbol of fashion among the young nowadays.

Kristen Stewart Hair

Kristen has tried to show the diversity in her style and characteristics. She doesn’t want to be known as a gentle and week character in movies. And, with the surprise change in hairdos, Kristen Stewart has proved that in her own way. Now, look at impressive Kristen Stewart hair styles through the years.

1. Kristen Stewart Hairstyles: Short Hair

At the first time Kristen appeared on the red carpet in 2002, she looked so cute and cheerful with a radiant smile. One of the noticeable things is her brown blonde bob, which makes her more lovable and pretty.

Brown Blonde Bob

In 2009, when playing the character “Joan Jett” in Runway, she made a strong impression on fans with black short hair, based on style of rockers in the 70’.

Black Short Hair

Another short hairstyle of Kristen Stewart that impressed people is fauxhawk, one of the most popular styles of a skateboarder or a rock musician in 2006. Undoubtedly, she looked so cool and strong with the ruffled and spiky short hairdo.

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For almost fans, the image of Kristen Stewart with short hair becomes quite familiar. While we can see the gentleness and attractiveness of Kristen when she sports long hairstyles, she seems so cool and rebellious in short haircut. Take blonde pixie cut as an example. Kristen Stewart blonde hair gives us a feeling about an independent and strong woman.

Blonde Pixie Cut

The pixie with voluminous wavy side-part is also her favorite style. As you can see like in this photo, she choose brown color to beautify her haircut, mixed with dark eye make-up to create a marvelous feeling.

Pixie With Voluminous Wavy Side Part

Short hairstyles sometimes make her look elegant and soft. A wavy bob is a typical example. Kristen Stewart seems to steal the hearts of fans when rocking a cute wavy bob. Needless to say, she is very pretty with a radiant face and bright smiles in short hair.

Wavy Bob

Kristen Stewart short hair styles are always surprising and cool. If you want to get the same look as hers, try at least one to renew yourself.

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2. Kristen Stewart Hairstyles: Long Hair

Beside impressive short hair, Kristen Stewart usually appears with gorgeous long hairstyles on the media. She continually changes hair color and textures to get a new look.

Kris attended the premiere of “Cold Creek Manor” with a brown straight long hair, mixed with natural make-up. She flattered her sweet and cute beauty, which won the love of fans.

Brown Straight Long Hair

At the Tribeca film festival, Kris chose a long hairstyle with the curled ends that made her hair voluminous. Specially, she left a strong impression in the audiences’ hearts and minds due to her burnished honey blonde hair.

Long Hairstyle With The Curled Ends

As we all know, Kristen Stewart is known as the excellent actress with many memorable characters like Isabella Swan in the movie Twilight. After presenting Twilight before the public, Kristen appeared impressively in a layered long hair, along with soft and natural makeup.

Layered Long Hair

Pretty Layered Long Hair

Soft wavy hair with messy side-part long bangs is one of the most beloved hairstyles of Kristen Stewart. She changed her look completely with this style, which gave her radiant, sexy and wild beauty. That is the reason why she had followed this look for many years.

Wavy Hair With Messy Side Part Long Bangs

Long Hair With Messy Side Part Long Bangs

In brief, fans has never been disappointed with Kristen Stewart long hair. She always knows how to renew her image before appearing in front of audience. It is not hard for us to understand why she has become one of the most favorite stars through the years.

3. Kristen Stewart Hairstyles: Bun

With beautiful face, Kristen Stewart always looks gorgeous no matter which hairstyles and clothes she wears. For instance, high blonde bun and light make-up turns her into a pretty princess.

High Blonde Bun

In this picture, it seems that no one of us is not obsessed with how chic and elegant Kristen Stewart is in the side-braided bun when combined with smoky eyes.

Side Braided Bun

With loose bun updo, Kristen Stewart became a center and get the spotlight at the event. This look of Kristen can make anyone’s one flutter. The special thing of the style is that the sides and bangs are added more volume and swept back. To be honest, this great updo is perfect for any parties or casual events.

Loose Bun Updo

What do you think about Kristen Stewart hair styles? Do you love it? Continue to read posts of Luxshinehair to know more about different appealing hairdos of many celebs like Jennifer Lopez or Khloe Kardashian. Thanks for your reading!


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