Straight Hair Bundles with Closure: Perfect Hair Extensions for Lazy Girls

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessories

Hair extensions could amazingly and constantly change up your appearance. If you have no time to worry that your curly or wavy hair will be losing its shape day by day, then straight hair extensions are born for you. We would like to tell you why you should try straight hair bundles with closure for your hair extensions.

Overview of hair extensions using straight hair bundles with closure

This type of hair extensions are extremely popular at every corner of this world. Hair fashion never stays still yet straight hair is never out of date. If you were not born with perfect hair which has desirable texture, thickness and color, hair extensions are so simple to try nowadays.

With a hair closure and some bundles, you could apply your hair extensions even at home as it is quite simple. If using a full wig is expensive and hard to change its look, straight hair bundles with closure should offer you a much more flexible appearance. You could part the hair strands at any position you want as well as adjust your hair length and thickness by changing the location you sew the weave bundles and the number of hair weave bundles.

Also, you could be able to diversify the way the weave hair bundles frame your face. If you have a round face, try to place more bundles where they hide your chubby cheeks. You might not easily do it with a full wig.

If you have curly hair and want to straighten and show together with the straight hair extensions, there are Things you shoud know before you straighten your curly hair.

Unlimited creative styles with straight hair extensions

Which color looks good on you?

Hair Colors

Once you got your new hair which is as voluminous and smooth as you want, you are suggested to freely color it. Depending on your skin tone and your personality, you could make your own decision by taking a look at some styles below.

Generally, if your skin tone is cool, you look perfect with light and hot colors like pink, blue, green or red. Silver jewelry are highly recommended rather than gold jewelry. Of course, if you prefer warm colors of have, just try it as cool skin stone could go well with every shade of hair.

If you have warm skin stone, then yellow, peachy, or golden color are suggested for you. Gold jewelry is invented for your taste.

If you have a neutral skin tone, both warm and cool tones fit you. In case you want to pick a cool color of hair, be advised that it should not be too bright.

One color or more?

If you are fed up with just one boring color of your hair, you could think of highlighting your hair with Balayage or Ombre.

Balayage offers you two or more colors of hair. Hence, it will be harder to choose these colors combined than choosing one color.


It is your choice to buy a ready Ombre bundles and closure or dye them later. Famous celebrities own their beautiful Ombre hair styles which contribute well to the hair fashion configuration.

Kylie Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Half up – half down or some braids?

It is lucky for you to have your straight hair bundles with closure well installed on your head. Then you may wish to change your hair look other than the first shape when you bought it. To be honest, a ponytail is not highly recommended as it may show evidence of your hair extensions.  Instead, you can diversify your hair styles with some braids. They could be on the back or on the two sides, with loose or tight one.

Half Up Half Down
Half Up Half Down

A half up – half down style helps you look gentle and attractive. On the other hand, a half – bun makes you look more active and ready for outdoor activities.

Half Bun
Half Bun

If you find it hard to change your hair styles every day, it is easier to use variable of hair accessories. Flower hairpin, hairclip, hair bow and hair jewelry should be considered as your hair’s clothes. They are too beautiful to be ignored.

Hair Accessories
Hair Accessorie

Where could you buy straight hair bundles with closure?

Luxshinehair Hair Bundles
Luxshinehair Hair Bundles

For the good hair quality and affordable price, we would like to introduce you Luxshinehair products. They are made from 100% Vietnamese human hair which is either Remy or Virgin hair. For full information about straight hair bundles with closure and many more other products as well as suggestions about hairstyles and hair fashion trends, please give it a check on Luxshinehair’s website.


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