Pools and beaches become favorite destinations for many people in hot summer days. However, chlorine in swimming pool water causes many troubles for your natural hair and your wig if you are in the pool for too long. Specifically, chlorine is a toxic chemical which is totally unsafe to your hair, especially dyed hair as it makes hair dry and brittle. To swim comfortably without being afraid that your virgin hair extensions are damaged by chlorine, follow these steps immediately.


Step 1: Before swimming:

Wet your hair with clean water: Compared to dry hair, wet hair has poorer absorption capacity. As a result, it can reduce the amount of chlorine absorbed by your hair.

Use hair nutrients: Instead of expensive hair products, some useful ingredients which are available in the kitchen are enough. You can create a barrier between hair cuticles and chlorine by applying some nutrients such as coconut oil and olive oil on hair.  Not only do  coconut oil and olive oil provide necessary moisture to hair, they barrier that they create plays a very important role in preventing chlorine from getting into your hair.

Tie your hair: Hair experts recommend that you had better tie your hair up to avoid exposure to swimming pool water. In fact, no matter how long your hair is, tying your hair up can reduce the amount of hair which is directly exposed to chlorine in case you don’t swim but soak your body in water to relax. Thanks to that, damages caused to your hair are limited.

Wear a swimming cap: If you do not want to wet your hair or put any products on it, this is the best choice to avoid chlorine’s damages to hair. A swimming cap will keep your hair dry during swimming.

Step 2: While swimming:

Choose swimming pool: It’s necessary for you to go to a swimming pool with clean water and avoid exposure to the sun. Apart from chlorine in pool water, UV rays from the sun damage your hair, too.

Consider swimming time: Swimming time is very important. You should only swim in the morning and in the afternoon when it is not sunny, so sunlight can’t affect your hair.

In addition, you should not swim for too long because it will increase the change of damaged hair.


Step 3: After swimming:

Wash your hair: Don’t forget to wash your hair right after leaving the pool to remove chlorine from hair. There are many kinds of swimmer’s shampoos or  shampoos formulated to remove chlorine from the hair. You can find and try it.

Moisturize your hair: Moisturizing hair is very important even when you never swim. You can use moisturizing cream, moisturizing oil and even natural products like eggs, yogurt, coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera and tomatoes, etc.

To conclude, we are sure that all of these notes are so useful that your Vietnam remy hair extensions are protected from chlorine in swimming pool water. Even when your hair is exposed to chlorine, the damage is minimal.


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