Simple Guidance To Get Perfect Shade At Home- How To Dye Your Hair?

How To Dye Your Own Hair

Dyeing hair is now no longer difficult to women now since there are different ways that help you easily dye your own hair at home. Besides, nearly 100% of hair dyes brands sell their colors to the market so consumers can buy and use and of course they also provide detailed hair dyeing instruction which is not too complicated.

Buying hair colors and dye hair by your own will save your time and your money. However, how to dye your own hair correctly and beautifully in a simple and safe way? This post will give you some easy tips to get the perfect hair dyeing at home.

How To Dye Your Own Hair

How to dye your hair at home?

According to a survey conducted in 2008 in USA, 75% of American women dye their hair. That survey also reported that 88% of women feel that their hair color can have a strong effect on their confidence. Therefore, dyeing hair is a specially step in completing your beauty. However, due to the variety of hair color products and dyeing techniques, it seems not to be easy to find down how to dye your hair at home and maintain that color.

Preparation is the first important step. Deciding and choosing your favorite color carefully. In case you first dye your hair, to find the best shade at store, you should choose the one that close to your current color. On the box you can read the color and see the preview. Hold a section of your hair and compare to find the close match.

Can you dye your hair when it’s greasy? The answer is yes, you can. However it depends on how greasy your hair is. If it’s too oily or dirty, it will make it much more difficult for color to do its job or it can bring uneven result because it has to go through your dandruff built up by dust or dead layers of your scalp. Therefore, it will be better if you wash your hair 1 day before dyeing.

How To Dye Your Hair At Home

Make sure that you buy enough amount of dyes for your whole hair. If you have shoulder-length or longer hair, you’d better buy two boxes of hair dyes in order not to interrupt the process. It also depends on your thickness. If you finish with the leftover box, you can keep it for the next coloring.

Hair Color

To avoid staining your new clothes, you should prepare an old T-shirt to wear during coloring process. Or you can completely go nude! Also cover your floor with layers of papers so you can throw them away after finish instead of using towel which need to washing in the end. Lay all the things that we need during the process out in front of us, including hair dye, disposable plastic gloves (already in the hair dye box), paint brush and disposable bowl to mix color and dark towel.

Preparation For Dyeing Hair At Home

Get a bowl and a brush to mix the color like hair colorists do at salon. We will begin by applying your hair from the roots because they need more color then comb it through the rest of your hair evenly to avoid two-tone effect. Divide your hair into small sections (4 to 6 depend on your thickness) and work one by one to gain the best result.

After finishing you can wear a shower cap on it to prevent dripping. After that, you can do other work when waiting hair to absorb color, then wash your hair gently.

Wear A Shower Cap To Prevent Dripping

To prevent color from fading, you should choose shampoo which is made for color-treated hair. Even though shampoo which contains sulfate-free is believed to slow down color loss, testers already show that it didn’t show a significantly better than shampoo with sulfate. Therefore, to extend shade’s life, you should read the package and look for the terminology like “color protect”, “for color-treated hair” or some word similar.

Hair Care Products For Dyed Hair

Besides, you also need to protect your hair from the sun since sunlight will break down the artificial color. Therefore, UV protection for hair is much as important as that for skin. You should stay away from sun or wear a hat or umbrella before going out.

Wear A Hat Or Umbrella

How to get color that need bleaching?

This process above is for normal dye but you are interested in other color which need to bleach like pink, white or blonde, how to dye your hair white or how to dye your hair blonde?

For these color, we need to add some more steps in bleaching. Before bleaching hair, you should apply coconut oil to your hair and leave it for several hours. Then start bleaching from the roots. Let the bleach sit and rinse your hair with slightly warm water. Repeat this process until your hair turn yellow.

How To Get Color That Need Bleaching

If you want hair in blonde color, bleaching can help you to get this. For white or other color like pink, gray or white, you do the same step of “how to dye your hair at home” as we already mentioned.

How often can you dye your hair?

There are three main factors that affect your hair dyeing frequency.

The first one is the color that you dye at the first time. If you have natural black or dark brown hair, your color you choose is blonde or white or others which need bleaching, you should extend space between your color sessions since your hair is already damaged and need more time to recover.

The second factor is the amount of damaged strands. No matter what color you choose, once you dye your hair, it will get damaged. If your hair just get minimal damage, you can dye your hair more frequently. If your hair get seriously damaged, try to put off dying as much as possible.

Last but not least, take into consideration which brand you use to color your hair. The quality of hair color is the most important factors that decide the final result. It also affect directly your hair’s quality eventually. Therefore, choose the high-quality color products to protect your hair and shorten the time of next coloring.

How Often Can You Dye Your Hair

Now you can see dyeing hair at home is quite simple and easy to do. You can completely go to store, select your favorite one and dye your hair. That’s it. However, remember to spend time to take care of your hair after coloring. So, you will always have a pretty and healthy locks.


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