Should 3 Bundles and a Closure be Enough for You and How to Apply?

3 bundles and a closure
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Sew – in method using bundles and closure is one of the most common hair extensions applications. The method is globally loved by many users thanks to its long life and because it results in no damage to your natural strands and scalp if properly applied. For those who are going to try this style for the first time, they may know that a combination of 3 bundles and a closure is quite popular for girls. However, is it actually look perfect on you and how will you install it to have new gorgeous hair extensions? May you find some useful instructions below.

3 bundles and a closure

Some definitions you should equip yourself

What is a bundle?

A bundle of hair is commonly used to call a weave hair unit for extension. Each unit weighs 100 grams standardly. Common weave bundles are generally 10” to 32’’ long or more depending on customers’ interest in each region.

High – quality hair bundles recommended are from Vietnam, Brazil, Cambodia, etc. They are made of human hair with different length and prices.

All strands in a bundle are fixed by a weft which will be used to sew in or stick into your natural hair base.

What is a hair closure?

A hair closure refers to a piece of hair whose base is most commonly made of lace and less commonly of silk. Standard size of a lace closure is 4×4’’, but you may also see ones with different size such as 5×5’’.

Hair closures are normally put in the middle top of the head.

In case you love to have fashionable hairstyles with your hair extensions, you are advised to look at some Celebrities’ Ombre hair for gogeous examples.

 Bundles and Closure

What decides how many bundles for full sew in with closure?

People who are going to get themselves the first sew in style may wonder how many bundles they actually need. Before you make a decision, make sure you know your desired hair style, the bundles’ length, your head size and your natural hair’s volume.

Regarding your hair style, generally, straight hair looks much thinner than curly and wavy hair; hence, you may need more straight bundles especially if you wish your hair a full look.

The length of your weave hair bundles should also partly decide the number of bundles needed. The longer the hair bundles, the higher quantity you should prepare.

The average head size of women globally is from 22.5 – 23 inches. In this case, the ideal amount of bundles is three. That is the reason why girls are extremely intersted in 3 bundles and a closure deal for lower cost. For the bigger sizes, you may need 4 or 5 bundles according to the length and thickness you love.

Last but not least, your natural hair volume suggests the number of bundles you should buy. Most people love voluminous hair, but it is worth considering the original hair’s volume to avoid weighing the hair down.

For better and more spesific instruction for your final decision, please find it here.

How To Apply 3 Bundles And A Closure?

Here we introduce you one of the best way to sew in hair extensions using 3 bundles and a closure which is a popular formula for global women.

All you need for preparation are a wig cap, curved sewing needle, and thread, and of course, 3 bundles and a closure.

Step 1: Braid your natural hair

Bundles and a Closure

Patiently braid your original hair to the parallel tails from front to back and be advised that the cornrows should not be too thick. Fix the ends carefully so that they look neat and secure.

Step 2: Sewing the wig cap to your head

Spread the wig cap over your head so that it fully covers all the braids then sew the cap perfectly to the braids. The thread color should be the same with the hair color.

Step 3: Sewing the closure to your cap

Put the closure right on the middle top of your head so that it reaches your forehead and start sewing in. If it is a frontal closure, you could simply place it on your head from ear to ear. You will first sew in the left or the right side, and then finish the complete sewing line. After that, you should tie the closure up with a soft band to be ready for the next step.

Step 4:  Sewing the hair bundles

With 3 bundles already prepared, you can apply them evenly as below. One on the back, one on the right side and the last one on the left side. Sewing along the weft to make them well fixed.

If you apply more than 3 bundles and a closure, you should distribute the bundles evenly so that your hair extensions look natural and beautiful. Now I am sure you could confidently follow our guidance to do it yourself at home and be ready for a new gorgeous look.


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