Sew-In Weaves: Which Type Can Give You The Most Beautiful Look

Partial Sew In Weave

Among many methods of hair extension installation available today, the sew-in weave is considered to be the most versatile and efficient way. Thousands of people have successfully enhanced their look with the help of this installation method. Sew-ins is the method that you attach the hair tracks or wefts to your real hair with the use of a needle and thread. To ensure the success and durability of your sewing, factors such as types of sew-ins have to be considered before a sew-in weave is carried out.

Different Ways To Wear Sew In Weaves

The remarkable thing of sew in weaves is the versatility and variety it offers. There are various ways to wear sew-in that are commonly followed by women around the world. One of them is the full sew-in weave. This is a method that every strand of hair is braided. This sew-in method aims to facilitate hair protection and helps to achieve uniformity in growth. This is best suited to those with natural hair because it doesn’t require regular straightening of the hair.

Full Sew In Weave

Another popular method of sew-ins is the partial sew-in weave. As the name, we will leave a section of the head without braiding. This uncovered section is mostly on top of your head. The partial sew in is the best choice for those with long hair looking for a natural look.

Partial Sew In Weave

We cannot miss out the vixen sew-in because it can give your hair the most natural look when done properly. With the vixen sew-in, you can do countless hairstyles. To do this type, you separate your hair into four different sections.

Vixen Sew In

Sew-In Types

There are 3 main types of sew-in weave that are commonly used: Side part Sew-in, Middle Part Sew-in and Free Part Sew-in. Now, let’s with us study each type.

Side Part Sew-In

For a long time, sew-in weaves have helped women remain fashionable while protecting your real hair. The side part sew-in styles are always on the forefront of this mission. Because of the versatility of this type, hair extensions can work well for any face shapes.

Side Part Sew In

Middle Part Sew-In

For a long time, the middle part sew-in weave has developed into a slimming, modern hairstyling form. This sew-in weave type provides a great level of symmetry giving your hair a texture that is more realistic, natural and durable.

Middle Part Sew In

Free Part Sew-In

Although the outstanding features of side part sew-in and middle part sew-in weaves, many women across the world decide to choose the free part sew-in. This is well-known for not only its price and quality but also ability to be parted anywhere on your hair. Don’t worry about having to remain flexible with haircare because the free part sew-in can last for a long time and still give women a beautiful look.

If you are planning on getting weave hair extensions, you should read all information about sew-in weaves to make better choices. Contact if you want to get the best weaves for your sew-in. Thanks so much for your reading!




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