How To Rock Cool Micro Braids Hairstyles?

Micro Braids In Bob Style

If you are looking for a protective hairstyles, micro braids which are flattering, feminine and easy to maintain are what you need. Micro braids hairstyles are desperately popular in Africa and there is exaggeration to say that micro braids can suit every woman there.

With the developing and changing concept in style and fashion, micro braids hairstyles are no longer strange to women from different countries in the world for its cool and unique creation. This post will show you awesome examples of micro braids hairstyles which will definitely inspire you.

Micro Braids Hairstyles

Micro braids short hairstyles

One of the main reason why micro braids are so popular is that women can easily style there braids in different ways. Many people think that since micro braids hairstyles are inspired by ancient African ancestors, they may look old and out of fashion. However, African women doesn’t copy them. They are very creative and always try to modernize their unique braids. Therefore, don’t worry about the trend. Once you get micro braids hairstyles, you are always fabulous.

If you like short hair, here are some micro braids short hairstyles which definitely satisfy you. Micro braids in bob style is never a bad idea for women!

Micro Braids In Bob Style

Side parted bob in micro braids will help you look more feminine and attractive. Short hair also save your time of braiding coz it can take up to 10 hours to finish the whole process if you have long hair.

Side Parted Bob In Micro Braids

If you want your hair look even shorter and cooler, this braids below will be a perfect idea. Besides, the combination between brown and black is a highlight of this hairstyle.

Micro Braid With Brown And Black Highlight

Straight micro braids hairstyles

One of the most popular micro braids hairstyles are in long and straight texture. There are two main benefits that straight micro braids hairstyles bring to women. First, you can look more natural with long straight micro braids since lots of long small braids will be more natural. Second, you can easily style your hair in different ways like updos or other cool styles.

Straight Micro Braids Hairstyles

You can make your long straight braids more impressive by creating to small buns on top of head. It looks cool and cute as well.

Straight Micro Braids Updos

If you really want to be much cooler and unique, long straight micro braids with one shaved side is perfect option. This shaved side even bring you a more feminine and sexy look.

Long Straight Micro Braids With One Shaved Side

Curly micro braids hairstyles

Like normal hair, micro braids hairstyles can be in curly texture as well. African women are very creative and smart when combine micro braids and natural hair to make it look more natural and flattering. Moreover, curly texture will help to increase volume to your hair.

Curly Micro Braids Hairstyles

You can also try out the blonde color to see how perfect your hair is. This hairstyle now become more and more popular with women in the world and even impresses super stars.

Blonde Curly Micro Braids

Besides, if you want to finish the whole braids without any hair left, you can also rock those curly micro braids hairstyles. When you braid your hair, it will create flexibility that means you can completely curl your braids after finishing braiding.

Left Side Curly Micro Braids Hairstyles

Wavy micro braids hairstyles

Like curly texture, African women also like half braids and half free wavy hair to be more natural. It is also a creativity in tradition micro braids hairstyles.

Tradition Micro Braids Hairstyles

Wavy micro braids hairstyles are really stunning hairstyles that you should try to see how it works. The wavy ends of hair make it more impressive and soft.

Wavy Micro Braids Hairstyles

Micro braids hairstyles updos

As we mentioned above, variety in styling is considered as one plus point of micro braids hairstyles since you can completely create different updos which suit different occasions to diversify your hairstyles instead of letting your hair down as usual. Grab your hair and make a big bun on top of head is always a simple but effective way!

Micro Braids Hairstyles Updos

Another cool ideas for women with long hair is making a big braid then pull it up into a stylish Mohawk. It will be much cooler when you add color for your hair.

Micro Braids Hairstyles Updos With Color

High ponytail will help you look sexy and sporty. Besides, it is easy to make. A colorful band can make a highlight for your micro braids hairstyle.

High Ponytail Micro Braids Hairstyle

You can also get a noticeable look for your micro braids by dividing your braids and putting it into two equal low buns. Leave out two pieces of braids along two side of your face and adorn them by some cool accessories.

Micro Braids With Two Equal Low Buns

A side bun braids is a perfect ideas for some formal events or even for wedding ceremony. This elegant and charming updo will shine up your face and grab all attention of people around you. A silver hair clip will complete your look.

A Side Bun Braids

Micro braids hairstyles can be seen as one of the coolest and most impressive hairstyles for women. Hopefully you can find some inspiration to get ready for a micro braids hairstyle next change. Many women dare to change, so why not?

Besides, another choice for you to own this special hairstyle is trying hair extensions. Therefore, you can see how it work with your face coz you can completely remove extensions. Spend a few minutes to visit our website to pick one for yourself. Moreover, feel free to leave us a message for further advice and service. We are always willing to answer all your questions.


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