Reasons why you should choose 14 inch clip in hair of Luxshinehair

14 Inch Hair Extensions

When visiting shops of hair extensions, you always find for hair extensions which are beautiful, good and convenient, right? However, not all hair products of hair brands can meet that demand for many different reasons. Perhaps their hair sources are weak or too curly. Perhaps they are synthetic hair which are not durable and easy to get damage, etc. Anyways, they are completely not good choices for customers.

Fortunately, all of those problems are perfectly solved thanks to wonderful 14 inch clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair. Let’s check them out together right now!

14 Inch Hair Extensions

1.What do you know about 14 inch clip ins of Luxshinehair?


All hair extensions of Luxshinehair including 14 inch clip ins are made from 100% Vietnam human virgin and remy hair. This is considered one of the best hair sources in the world because of having a lot of advantages. Vietnam hair has the derivation from a tropical country so that the hair core is very strong and nice. It is not solid and curly like some hair textures of people in hot regions and it is also not thin like hair of people in cold countries. Vietnam hair is basically straight and smooth so that it is the ideal style for making diverse hair extensions.

Luxshinehair is a famous and prestigious import- export hair brand in Vietnam. We understand and take that advantage to make high quality hair products which meet all satisfactions of customers. We are focus on each step, even the smallest steps from choosing hair sources to sending the final products to customers.

14 Inch Hair


Although Vietnam hair is good hair, we are still extremely prudent to select the best hair sources from trustworthy hair donors all over the country. Hair needs to look nice and natural which is haven’t been processed with chemicals or hair dyes yet. The longer and nicer hair is, the better its value is.

After that, hair is cleaned and removed unqualified hair such as white hair, frizzy hair, split ends and non- remy hair thanks to the skillfulness of good blue collars of the company. Obviously, unexpected problems on hair like hair bugs, artificial hair and animal hair do not happen completely. Next, hair wefts are made thanks to modern machines and then attached with specialized hair clips to have perfect clip in hair extensions. Of course, steps of sewing hair clip ins, styling hair are mainly made by hand so that the final results are always look beautiful, regular and firm.

What Are Clip In Hair Extensions

Length size

As its name, these clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair have the length size of 14 inches which is about 35 centimeters. This length is not long but not too short so that it is one of ideal choices for women who use hair extensions.

If you are a new one who has bought hair extensions for the first time, you need to notice a thing to unexpected misunderstandings. It is that these 14 inches are measured when hair is straight. In case you order wavy or curly hair, the length size of hair will be a bit shorten. However, it is still beautiful and impressive enough for you to have nice hairstyles.

Hair Length Chart


The natural straight texture of Vietnam hair is essentially beautiful but to have various images, only having that style is not enough. With more than 10 years of experience in the field of importing- exporting hair extensions, Luxshinehair can supply 14 inch hair clip ins with almost impressive hair textures.

Straight hairstyles of Luxshinehair is completely not as tedious as things you may image. Apart from natural straight hair, we also supply kinky straight hair and yaki straight hair with unique puffing tiny waves. They will actually make your appearance become more outstanding than ever.

Clip In Hair Extensions Of Luxshinehair

Obviously, choices with wavy hair and curly hair are also extremely diverse and creative. These textures are loves much by Western women because they make their hair look become more graceful and voluminous. They will be wonderful choices for girls who unluckily own thin and weak hair. You can visit Luxshinehair store to discover about these textures better.

Clip In Tip Body Wavy Dark Brown 01


Instead of making hair extensions with millions hair shades like synthetic hair products, Luxshinehair takes notice in the quality and the naturalness of hair. We create hair colors with limited shades but they are beautiful and impressive enough to defeat other hair products in the global hair market. We choose to dye hair with the best shades to refrain hair damage as much as possible. Thus, final hair products are not only natural but also safe.

Blonde Clip Ins

You also don’t need to worry that you couldn’t find your favorite hair hue. Although we don’t meet all demands of hair colors, we still guarantee to meet your satisfaction with the most beautiful and attractive hair shades.


To approach different customers, we divide hair products into 4 individual standards. They are respectively named single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair and one- donor hair. The thickness of hair bundles will be decided by these standards.

Comparing to other hair extensions, the quality and image of Luxshinehair’s hair extensions are much better. Instead of buying dirty cheap and low quality products which can be out of order any time and make your hair become worse, choosing high quality hair extensions, especially 14 inch hair clip ins of Luxshinehair will be the best.

Clip In Hair

2. What are advantages of clip in hair with 14 inches?

Add hair thickness

When buying clip in hair with 14 inches, its volume will actually take you by surprise. Even when you use clip ins with straight texture, your hair still look much thicker and more beautiful. Especially when they are wavy or curly hair, the hair volume is more impressive than ever. With these clip ins, you will never need to worry about your weak hair, damaged hair, thin hair or even hair loss. They are really wonderful, aren’t they?

Add Hair Thickness

Add hair length

Clip ins with 14 inch length are not long but not too short so that they are also interesting choices for adding hair length. When wearing these hair extensions with straight textures, they can give attractive shoulder length and medium length hairstyles. If not, you can buy wavy and curly hair extensions to have new looks with trendy bob and lob hair styles.

Add Hair Length

Add beauty

When choosing right hair extensions with suitable hair texture, hair color and hair length size, the woman’s appearance will become much more beautiful. The image of hair has very big impacts on human face so that it embellishes women’s beauty very well.

For example, women with round face can choose these hair clip ins with loose wavy texture. Not only do they make hair look more voluminous but also they help to hide shortcomings on their face such as chubby cheeks or fat chin perfectly. As for women with oval face, choices of straight hair can be suitable because they give images which are absolutely elegant and charming, etc. There are many selections for you with 14 inch clip ins, they are all full of impression.

Medium Length Hair

Apply conveniently

Clip in hair extensions have a huger advantage than other types because they are the most convenient hair extensions. Specialized hair clips are easy to put in as well as to take off. Thanks to that, girls and women can bring these clip ins to anywhere and apply them in only some minutes.

Easy Using

Protect hair

Of course, we can’t ignore the effect of protecting real hair of these clip in hair extensions. Because you don’t need to sew hair extensions in hair cornrows or use heat on hair directly, hair will not be broken and damaged like when you use other types such as weave hair or keratin hair, etc. Thus, they are wonderful selections for every kind of hair.

3. How about other types of hair extensions of Luxshinehair?

Apart from supplying clip in hair extensions with 14 inches, Luxshinehair also have many other kinds of hair extensions for various choices of customers all over the world. The company can meet all demands about impressive hair length sizes from 6 inches to 32 inches. Of course, they also have diverse hair textures, hair color, hair standards that women all over the world love. Many women with different characteristics have chosen these ones, will you the next person?

Clip in hair extensions are convenient but they are not suitable in cases when you need to take part in energetic activities. Thus, other types of hair such as weave hair, wig, tape hair, etc can be better. Wearing these types can take you quite a lot of time but the final result is really wonderful. Thus, when you have these demands, let’s visit Luxshinehair to get the most wonderful products!

Luxshinehair Company

Hoping that these suggestions of Luxshinehair clip ins with 14 inches are useful for you. New Year is coming, let’s prepare for yourself the best appearance with these gorgeous hair products! You will actually never feel disappointed.



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