Rainbow Hair Color Ideas For Office Women

Rainbow Hair Color

Are you fed up with your current boring hair color that most people have the same? Are you looking for a cool color to renew your hair look and show off your individuality? If yes, rainbow hair color should be your next choice!

Rainbow- inspired color is considered as one of the most impressive and unique hair color and always sit among favorite colors all the time. This harmoniously awesome combination between different colors will definitely put on a new look to your hair. Do you want to be significant? Do you want to be fabulous in new appearance? Let try out rainbow color hair dye.

Here are some amazing ideas about rainbow color hair that will inspire you.

Rainbow Hair Color Ideas

Hidden rainbow hair color

Switching hair color is much-needed change, however it will need to be taken into considerations. For those who are not ready to get the full head in rainbow color, there is a way to experiment rainbow hair color without being recognized. We call it “hidden rainbow hair color

Hidden Rainbow Hair Color

Hidden rainbow hair color means that you only color your underneath hair and completely can decide whether people can see your rainbow or not, coz only when your hair is up, your rainbow is revealed. This is also one great benefit of this hair color since you can hide it in the office. It’s like “business in the front, party in the back”

Rainbow Hair Color Underneath

Rainbow hair color underneath attracts women for its cool and pretty shade when blending with you natural hair. This glorious hair color has been becoming a trend that most women fall for. Imagine when pops of color suddenly come out when you use your finger to comb through your hair or when you braid your hair, how cool you will be! Everyone will stick their eyes on you!

Rainbow Hair Color

Rainbow hair color with differnt color

Rainbow hair color can combine with different color base of your covering hair. You can use your natural color or dye it into another amazing one, gray for instance. A messy low bun to show off your colored hair is a best way to catch eyes.

Rainbow Hair Color With Gray

An alluring mermaid braid will bring you an elegant and cool look. The rainbow color blended with your natural one create a vibrant color effect. This hairstyle really work with girls with long hair coz you can easily style in in different ways depending on your favor.

An Alluring Mermaid Braid With Rainbow Color

Hidden rainbow color with different texture and length

Hidden rainbow color can go well with different style, texture and length. Therefore, if your hair is short, no worry since short hair can be even much cooler. A bob cut with black base adorned by rainbow underneath hair is definitely what you need for a total change in your appearance.

Short Hair Hidden Rainbow Color

Just one movement of your finger can show up your hidden rainbow hair.  If you want to find a hair color that will not break the office dress code, hidden rainbow hair color is totally perfect.

Hidden Rainbow Hair Color For Short Hair

Short wavy hair match perfectly with rainbow hair color underneath, especially when you make a big braid to show up your color. One more reason is that wavy texture is really a good idea for fine thin hair since it will add more volume and dimension to your hair.

Short Wavy Hair With Rainbow Color

To get the right and perfect color, rainbow hair color techniques are very important. If this is the first time you try this cool color, you should go to trustworthy hair salon to get the best service. The color mixing skill of hair stylist is the key. Colorist will understand more the shade of color when apply to your natural color and how to maintain the quality of hair while lightening it.

Rainbow Hair Color Techniques

Hidden rainbow hair color is worth to try since it look secret which means you can choose to show it or not. Additionally, you can hide it or show it in different occasions, places or events. It’s really flexible and convenient. Therefore, don’t hesitate to rock this hairstyle and color. Don’t worry whether it fits you or not because if you try, at least you will have your answer.


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