How to protect Vietnam remy hair extensions to be in good condition


People have already known a lot of ways to take care of Vietnam remy hair extension but how to make those ways work effectively to bring you a silk and soft hair extension, this is an important question.

Use Right Hair Care Products

Initially, choosing proper hair care products is the first thing considered. Because those products are applied directly to your hair so it has a profound impact to change your hair condition. Because your Vietnam remy hair isn’t human hair, using products including too much quantity of bleach such as “clear” or “head & shoulder” can cause your remy hair dry and breakage easily. Prolonged usage of these products causes build-up that is extremely bad for your hair and overall health. Remember to use shampoo and conditioner with a appropriate amount of moisture in order that your remy hair is soft and fair as you want it to be

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Condition Your Hair

If your hair is hard because of negative inside or outside factors, let try dilute your hair with the conditioner within 3- 5 minutes to keep it stronger and healthier. However, you should know your hair conditioner well to avoid side effect on your Vietnam remy hair

Use Natural Oils For Hair

Another way to take care of your Vietnam remy hair is using oils. It’s believed that using oil can be the effective way to make the hair stronger. You can use olive oil or coconut oil, for example, as a tool to make your hair become softer and silkier.  Drop a small amount of oil on your hand and rub the oil from top to bottom of your hair. If you want to apply it equally, try dividing your hair into small part then apply the oil in that way to have the whole getting that oil. Then you can massage in some minutes to help the hair fibers absorb the oil easier. Once or twice a week using that method can be ideal for your Remy hair.

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Have A Good Diet

Fish is one of common food in Vietnam. It’s not only nutritious but also good for Vietnam remy hair. Fish can provide vital nutrition to promote the body, particularly the hair stronger and healthier. Omega-3 fatty acids and protein in salmon produce a healthier scalp. Vietnamese people have leafy vegetables, beans, and carrots in their meal and they are also good for remy hair with appropriate nutrients. Further, Vietnamese people should avoid quick weight loss. Do you know why? Because they can be deficient in vital nutrients such as protein, or biotin, leading to hair loss or hair brittle.

In winter, a lot of Vietnamese people have the habit of using hot water to shampoo. Instead of washing hair by hot water, using lukewarm water is much better to your hair in winter.

Summer can be the most dangerous condition to damage your remy hair. The sun is not only no kind to the skin but also the hair. The best solution for this problem is using hair spray with SPF protection or wearing a hat when being under the hot weather.


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