Pros And Cons Of Human Hair Wigs

Pros And Cons Of Human Hair Wigs

Many types of hair extensions are loved by almost women nowadays such as weave, clip-in hair, keratin hair extensions, etc. Among of them, we must mention wigs, one of the most popular hair extensions for its benefits and convenience. If you are facing to baldness or thin hair, or you just want to change your hairstyles in a blink of an eye, these hair extensions are a great option for you. So, today, we will find our pros and cons of wigs together.

Pros And Cons Of Human Hair Wigs

1. Advantages of Wigs

Numerous Choices of Styles and Colors

To start with, you can change your hairstyle and hair color quickly and easily by using wig hair extensions. No need to bleach, color or cut your natural hair, what you need to do is pick up a suitable wig and then install it on your head.

Numerous Choices Of Styles And Colors

As a matter of fact, there are a number of options of wigs for you to choose. The styles are rich in colors, textures, and lengths, giving you tons of choices. Do you want to have a bob or a pixie, but are not ready to cut your own hair? Or you would like to have a light hair color but are afraid of your hair being damaged, wouldn’t you? Don’t worry! Try a wig! Everything will be solved. Wigs offer you many beautiful styles and colors to complement your look without damaging your natural hair. How amazing it is!

Protecting Your Natural Hair

This is the truth! Wig hair extensions can work as a protector of your hair. At first, a wig can protect your natural hair from outside factors such as sunlight, wind, dirt or pollutants. In short, not only do wigs give you beautiful hairdos but they also prevent your natural from harmful environment elements.

Protecting Your Natural Hair

Additionally, when using a wig, you are able to protect your natural hair from heat styling tools. In fact, human hair wigs can withstand heat styling. Thus, it is possible for you to use some heat tools like flat irons, straighteners, curling irons, or dryers to style your hair and get your desired look. This is the most outstanding feature of the human hair wig, which make it superior to synthetic wigs.

Dealing with Hair Problems

It is the fact that those who suffer from hair loss, or bald often feel unconfident in almost daily situations. For any reasons, genetics, illness, medication or hormonal changes, these problems also cause a lot of disadvantages for them. So, wigs are designed to hide your hair problems, give you a full hair look and restore your confidence.

Giving Fun

Many people choose to use wigs to disguise into different characters when taking part in costume parties, cosplay events, masquerade balls or Halloween festivals. This types of hair extensions is a fun way to enhance your style, giving you a great opportunities to become your favorite character.

Lasting for a Very Long Time

This is another reasons why human hair wigs are loved instead of synthetics ones. In general, a synthetic wig can last for about 2-3 months while human hair wig can last up to a year. Just with proper care, their lifespan can be longer.

2. Disadvantages of Wigs

Disadvantages Of Wigs

A Bit Expensive

One of the major cons of human wigs is that they are more expensive than synthetic ones. But, just think about the time you can use human hair wigs. It is really worthy!

Really Hot

In summers, wearing wigs can make you feel uncomfortable and hot. But don’t worry, in these days, I highly recommend you to use full lace wigs since the cap is designed only out of lace. As a result, the mesh material gives the hairpiece space to breath and you will not feel so hot.

Requiring Good Maintenance

Made of human hair, human wigs need the same hair care as that you make with your natural hair. You need to put a great care in your human care to keep in good condition. For example, washing it with a high-quality shampoo and conditioner is suggested.

Requiring Good Maintenance

Above are some advantages and disadvantages of human hair wig extensions. Do you want to use these amazing hair extensions?

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