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30 inches hair black color straight weft machine

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Feature product


Hair Grade: – Remy Hair

Style: – Straight

Length: – 30 inch

Color: – Black

Material: – Human Hair

Virgin Hair: – Yes

Textile: – Silk, shining, soft

Place of Origin: – Vietnam

Brand Name: – Luxshinehair

Weight: – 100gr/bundle (Depend on customer’s requirement)

Hair features: – No dyed, no chemical, unprocessed, no shedding, tangle free

Using for: – Wigs, I tip, Clip, Wefted… hair extensions

Payment: – Western Union, Money Gram, Ria, Unisteam, Leader, Bank, Paypal

Shipping: – UPS, DHL, EMS, FEDEX or CARGO

Delivery time: – 3-5 days after payment

About us: – Customer is the Kings

Remark: – High quality – competitive price

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How to get long hair faster


Who does not wish to have thick and lustrous hair? It is not only a beauty factor but also an indicator of good health. While you might want to consider your diet for that perfect quality of mane, how you treat it topically can make a difference too.

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Here are some  tips to get long hair faster…

–          Head Massage

With life getting busier than ever, we often hunt for reasons to skip oiling the hair. And even if we do manage to spare some time for the same, we don’t do it in the proper way. The oil applied to the scalp will function more effectively when you massage it in the right manner. ‘Champi’, the famous head massage practised in the country since ages not only relaxes the mind but also promotes hair growth and returns its shine. A 5-minute massage would be enough. Always do it in gentle strokes so that you don’t break the roots of your hair.

–          DIY Oil

Make a mixture of hibiscus oil, Vitamin-E oiland castor oil in the ratio 1:1:1 and apply to your scalp as well as hair strands. You can heat the oil a bit before application if you prefer. Massage it well so that this oil is absorbed into the scalp. This combination works wonders and you will see a difference in a months’ time. Ideally, you should be doing this twice a week for good results.

–          Combing of Hair

Combing hair is a good way of redistributing the natural oils present on the scalp. It also improves the blood circulation on the scalp. Make it a point to comb at least two times a day, i.e. in the morning and at night before you sleep. You can also use handmade combs or wooden combs that are gentle and doesn’t irritate the scalp.




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