Pretty Bandana Hairstyles For Girls

Bandana As A Headband

It is undoubted that bandana has a lot of beautifying functions that women apply successfully to improve their appearance. You must see adorable girls using bandana or scarf to embellish themselves by slightly tying it on their wrist or neck. More specially, a small and nice bandana is also considered a vintage and lovable accessory to adorn girls’ hair. So, why don’t you sport the gorgeous bandana hairstyles for hanging out right away? We are sure that no matter how cool your crush is, you still make him allured at the first sight.

Bandana Hairstyles

Ponytail with Bandana

High or low ponytail will become more interesting with a soft and small bandana. With the help of a nice bandana, your simple hairstyle will give you a sweeter and more elegant look. No need to talk too much, just look at the pictures below and you can understand why a lot of girls are crazy about these bandana hairstyles.

Low Ponytail With Bandana

Instead of simple and familiar hair ties, a bandana will be the ideal alternative, which makes the girls’ hair locks classic and feminine.

Ponytail With Bandana

For those who love elegance, femininity and charm, the small and cute bandanas must be a perfect choice. They don’t need to wear sophisticated or outstanding clothes, the adequate sexiness and subtleness from their hair can turn them into fetching girls.

Beautiful Ponytail With Bandana

High Ponytail With Bandana

Updo with Bandana

Leaving your bed every morning can be so difficult and styling your hair after waking up seems to be a hard chore. So, what should you do? The quickest and easiest option for you to deal with this problem is just to pull it into a messy bun with a beautiful bandana that will make your day.

Updo With Bandana

With updo hairstyles, you can add a bandana to embellish your hair. While a low updo brings a vintage, classic and gentle look, a messy high updo with bandana can add something wild and stylish for active and energetic girls.

Low Updo With Bandana

High Updo With Bandana

Bandana as A headband

If you love headbands, why don’t you create gorgeous headbands from your bandana to beautify your hair? No matter your hair is long or short, you can feel free to rock these cute bandana hairstyles.

Bandana As A Headband

All you need to do is to pick up a beautiful bandana with your favorite color and tie it into a shape of a bow around your head. This is one of the easiest hairstyles with bandana for girls to sport in summer.

Bandana As A Headband On Short Hair

Instead of letting your hair go down naturally and fly in the wind, you can grab all of them into a high bun for an active day.

Updo With Bandana As A Headband

Half up Hairstyles with Bandana

To be honest, the half up bandana hairstyles is worth being the champion of classic hairstyles. When it comes to soft and elegant beauty, there is no hairdo that can be compared with the half up. This hairstyle brings a feeling of sweetness, gentleness and peace; especially when mixed with a soft bandana that adds a classic and vintage vibe to your hair. With the half up bandana hairstyle, you will become extremely attractive and steal the hearts of boys.

Half Up Hairstyles With Bandana

Needless to say, the half up hairstyles with bandana are able to meet all your demands. Just think that you are hanging out on streets with a long half up hairstyles decorated by a cute bandana, no one can take their eyes off such a lovely and sweet girls.

Long Half Up Hairstyles With Bandana

Cute Half Up Hairstyles With Bandana

Bandana Braid

Bandana Braid

The last one we want to mention is bandana braid, a cute hairstyle loved by many girls. Braid hairstyle with a bandana will make your hair more dramatic. There are many ways to beautify your braid with a pretty bandana or silk scarf. You can use it as a hair tie to secure the end of the braid or braid it along with your locks to create an adorable braid hairstyle.

Chic Bandana Braid

There are a lot of variations created from a bandana, which brings different looks for girls’ hair. Depended on your favorite and hair style, you will opt for the most impressive style to be ready for any occasions. Do you love any bandana hairstyles that Luxshinehair has mentioned above? If yes, don’t hesitate to sport it for a new appearance. Continue visiting our website to know more beautiful hairstyles. Thanks for reading!


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