Most Popular Kawaii Hairstyles You Need To Try

Simple Blunt Bangs

It is obvious that Kawaii hairstyles have developed quickly in these years and been worn by people, especially young girls, in many countries over the world. So, what does Kawaii mean? If you are interested in hairstyles, this term seems quite familiar. The word “Kawaii” includes two kanji characters that mean “able” and “love”. Therefore, we can understand this word as “lovable”. And now can you image how adorable Kawaii hairstyles are? Do you want to have such a lovely hairstyle to make you look cute and younger? If yes, let Luxshinehair show you the most lovable Kawaii hairstyles to help you get your dream.

Simple Blunt Bangs

It is the fact that many people are mad about this cute hairdo. What makes this Kawaii hairstyle become so special? It is exactly its bangs. Thanks to the neat and blunt bangs cut across the forehead, your face will be framed and all attention of others will be definitely put into your beautiful eyes. A girl with this lovely hairstyle must make a great impression on anyone who meets her on street by accident.

Simple Blunt Bangs

Curls and Bows

This is one of the most favorite hairstyles of young Japanese girls because it can bring them the cute and pure beauty. Simple loose curls mixed with red or pink bows will create a perfect Kawaii hairstyle that you are looking for. We must be sure that no one can take their eyes off your beautiful hairdo.

Curls And Bows

Cat Ears with Hair

Are you planning to participate in a Cosplay festival? However, you don’t know which hairstyle you should wear to achieve a likeable look. So, try this Kawaii hairstyle! You must be amazed at how loveable you are. This hairdo will look so impressed with a cat ear shaped hairband on your head, which helps you to grab attention of people in that event.

Cat Ears With Hair

Messy High Ponytail

Messy high ponytail is perfect for those who have short hair. A cute and playful look is what you can get when wearing this Kawaii short hairstyle. It can help to lift up your mood and remove all stresses of a bad day. All you need to do is to gather your hair into a high ponytail and leave them messy in the back. And now be confident to see yourself in the mirror! The messy high ponytail will bring an illusion of freedom and comfort that makes you feel better in any situation.

Messy High Ponytail

Bun on Bob

This is one of the beautiful Kawaii hairstyles for short hair that you should try to look adorable and younger. Some people suppose that it is more difficult to have buns on short hair than long hair. But, don’t worry! Whether your hair is short, medium or long hair, it is likely for you to create small buns for a nice appearance.

Kawaii Hairstyles 4 Bun On Bob Shutterstock

High Pigtails

If you are strange to Kawaii hairstyles, you are able to begin with the simple but very lovable high pigtails as it will not take you a lot of time and effort to do. With some steps, you can create a gorgeous and cute hairdo like high pigtails. What should you do? At first, brush your hair to remove all tangles before separating it into 2 equal sections at the middle. Use hairbands, ribbons or even colorful bows to secure the two parts of hair. Well-done!

High Pigtails

Double Bun

The last Kawaii hairstyle we want to mention is the double bun that is based on the basic pigtails. If you are master doing high pigtails, it will be much easier for you to create this cute hairdo for a new and young look. Firstly, tie your hair in lovely pigtails then you can twist or braid it before wrapping it around the root of pigtails. Use bobby pins to keep the nice buns you have made. And now, just enjoy your new hairstyle!

Double Bun

How do you feel about the Kawaii hairstyles that Luxshinehair has shown you above? Do you love them? Now, you can choose the best one that is compatible with you most or even try all of them to check whether you look best in these adorable hairdos. Continue to read our articles to know more about other beautiful hairstyles.


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