How To Do A Perfect Salon Hair Blowout At Home?

What Is A Hair Blowout

Do you want to have a voluminous and burnished wavy hairstyle with a little of styling time? Try a blowout, you can easily get gorgeous hair with various gentle, soft and glossy curves right at home. No need to spend a lot of time at crowded hair salons, you are still able to blowout your hair with some simple steps. Now, let discover what hair blowout is and how to do it.

Hair Blowout

What Is A Hair Blowout?

For women, this term is very familiar to all of them, especially those interested in caring and styling hair daily. In fact, a blowout, simply, means styling your natural hair with a round brush when you blow it dry, which doesn’t require any curling irons or flat irons. Needless to say, not only is a blow-out hairstyle very easy to create but also last up to 2-3 days, based on each hair type. As a result, it must make your morning easier and more relaxing just with a quick touch-up. How amazing it is!

What Is A Hair Blowout

How to Blow Out Hair at Home?

1. Shampoo and Condition Hair

The way you wash your hair creates a big difference. Firstly, you need to choose a right shampoo and conditioner. We advise you to use a sulfate free shampoo that is not harsh and causes less frizz, compared with other types of products. There are many best blowout hair products on the markets today for you to purchase, for example Alterna Haircare Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture shampoo and conditioner.

Shampoo And Condition Hair

In addition, the water temperature also makes an influence on the final result. Follow these suggestions! If your hair is oily, hot water is possible. But, if your hair seems dry, using cooler water is better. As a matter of fact, cooler water can aid in preventing the conditioner from breaking down so moisture will be kept in your hair strands better.

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The next step is to apply serum. After washing your hair, let it air dry a bit. Then, flip it upside down and put a small a small amount of serum like Carol’s Daughter Sacred Tiare Smoothing Serum on your hair. To make it distributed equally, comb your hair softly with a boar bristle brush.

2. Divide Your Hair

Divide your hair into small and defined sections and secure it with clips. Then, take a section out and roll it with a round brush from the end to the top.

3. Using a Dryer

This step requires much patience. After rolling a section, turn on your dryer at medium heat setting. Dry the first section of hair from the root to the tip, almost touching the dryer to the brush as you go. Remember to lift the brush out and up in order to give the roots a lift. After each section is completely dry, reduce temperature of the dryer to give it a shot of cool hair. Continue to repeat this step until the whole hair is dry.

Blow Dry Hair

4. Wrapping Hair with Velcro Rollers

After your hair is totally dry, roll each section with a Velcro roller, which helps add more volume as well as bounce to your hair. Keep this step until all your hair is rolled.

Wrapping Hair With Velcro Rollers

5. Release Sections from Velcro Rollers

Remove all rollers from hair and shake out the curls. Finally, smooth the hair style into place with your fingers. You can also apply a sheer-hold hairspray like a shine serum to the ends of your hair for a shiny look.

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Now, we have shown you necessary things about hair blowout such as what it is and how to blowout your own hair. Follow these steps, you will have a gorgeous and voluminous hairstyles with nice waves. Nothing is better than a beautiful hairdo for a new day, right?

Wig Body Wave Hair Dark Brown Color

Wig Body Wave hair Dark Brown color

Luxshinehair hopes that this post is interesting and helpful to you. If you want to know more about other hair care tips, appealing hairstyles or colors, continue to follow our website. In addition, hair extensions are another choice for you to have a smooth and thick hairdo with no effort. Hair products made from 100% Remy human hair of Luxshinehair will definitely satisfy you. There are tons of options like bulk, weave, clip-in hair or wigs with different textures, colors and lengths for you to discover. Are you curious?  Come with us and purchase great hair extensions to change your look in a blink of an eye.


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