Paula Patton’s most gorgeous hairstyle over the year and events


Paula Patton has passed through a remarkable year. Not only because she did a co-star in one of the most celebrated and well-known films of 2009, called “Precious”. In addition, she has a juicy role in the Queen Latifah, “Just Wright,” which hits theaters. Her career has been booming, what is more, Patton’s also hit her stride, style-wise. From her pre-fame shoulder length hair to her recent sleek short hair styles, Luxshinehair would like to be with you in order to take a look back at the wonderful actress’ hairstyles.

At the present, Paula Patton has a platinum blond pixie cut, which could be considered as one of the fashionable short hair styles recently. The actress debuted that stunning new cut and new hue as well on a TV show. She looks cool in that gorgeous short hair.

paula pattons most gorgeous hairstyle 1

Paula Patton has a positive new outlook on life which inspired her to go blond. Let’s have a look at the actress. She has a gorgeous brunette locks, paid a visit on Wednesday -where she debuted her most up-to-date hairstyle: a blond pixie cut. Sometimes, a new look would mean so much for you. Now, it’s time for us to see her past gorgeous hair style.

paula pattons most gorgeous hairstyle 2

Look at her long hair, she was the most attractive with long, brunette waves.

paula pattons most gorgeous hairstyle 3

Patton was so attractive in this marvelous gown to the The Golden Screen Awards held 2016 in Los Angeles, California. As you all can see, Patton’s beachy waves perfectly complemented this marvelous gown.

This was when Patton attended a Night Gala Benefit Performance 2008 in New York City. She totally worked the gorgeous long bob with bangs.

paula pattons most gorgeous hairstyle 4

Here, Patton wore this wonderful dress to the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards, which was held in 2014. This sleek going along with the modern bob and her short hair with black hued worked so well with her edgy and royal white gown.

Patton told that the decision to cut her hair was really a big change in her life. Sometimes they say  that if a girl decide to change her hair, she’s about to change her life. “Did that happen?” -Hoda asked. Patton brought her new boyfriend to the studio and she answered Hoda’s question like that: There’s something to say for that, because you know, you cut off your hair literally means you cut off that energy.

paula pattons most gorgeous hairstyle 5

All in all, Patton’s hair style would be the most style-wise haircut but so fashionable. If you feel interested in any kind of those hairstyle, let us- Luxshinehair – a long-lasting and reputable company providing Vietnamese hair extensions, know about your intension.


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