Outstanding Features and How to use 26 inch clip in hair extensions

26 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

Having long and nice hairstyles is always the dream of every women. However, there are a lot of unexpected problems that make them can’t have beautiful hairdos such as short hair, weak hair, thin hair, damaged hair, etc. The most useful and quickest way to help them to transform their hair appearance is using clip in hair extensions, especially 26 inch hair clip ins. Let us show you all outstanding features and how to use them right in this post!

1. Description of 26 inch hair clip ins

As the name, they are clip in hair extensions which have the impressive length size of 26 inches. Hair is long about over 65 centimeters so that when being applied in real hair of someone, they will help her to have a completely new hair appearance which is very impressive. There is an important note that 26 inch hair is measured when it is straight. It also means that hair with other textures can have the shorter length because they are styled more sophisticatedly. Customers should know about this to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings when buying hair products.

26 inch clip in hair extensions are made from traditional hair wefts and attached with specialized clips so that the user can use them easily without spending too much time.

Hair Length Chart

2. Pros and cons of clip ins with 26 inches

When buying 26 inch clip ins, you need to choose high quality hair extensions from prestigious brands and find out about pros and cons of these 26 inch clip ins to get the best appreciation and choice.

High quality hair extensions brand

Nowadays, there are a lot of brands of hair extensions in this market. Apart hair extensions with good quality, there are a lot of bad and artificial hair products in. Thus, you need to consider thoroughly before putting your belief there.

We would like to recommend you to use 26 inch clip in hair extensions of Luxshinehair. This is the top famous and prestigious brand of importing- exporting hair extensions to women all over the world. Not only 26 inch clip ins but all other types of hair extensions of this company have wonderful quality and image as well.

Vietnam Hair

Hair sources are 100% made from real human hair of Vietnamese women. This kind of hair is considered one of the best hair sources in the world because hair core is not too big or too thin. Hair strands can easily mix with real hair of some woman to help her to have a new look which is more beautiful and attractive. Obviously, hair extensions are guaranteed to be strong, nice and smooth so that they give gorgeous looks at anywhere you appear.

Especially when visiting Luxshinehair, you will recognize that hair quality is always the best without any traces of synthetic hair, animal hair, processed hair, weak hair inside. Also, problems of hair lice and non- remy hair also do not exist.

Advantages of 26 inch clip ins

Less shedding and breakage

Because separated hair strands are linked by firm and regular weft lines and attached with hair clips, they will not easy to get tangles like initial hair bulks. Obviously, problems of hair shedding and hair breakage are also less.

Smooth Hair

Easy to apply

Thanks to specialized hair clips, you only need to clasp them on your real hair at any position on head that you want. However, you should notice to abide by directions of applying clip in hair to avoid breaking hair as well as making these hair clip ins be fallen out when using.

Removing them is also very simple that only takes you some minutes to do. Thus, it is very convenient for you to bring them to anywhere.

Applying Clip In Hair

Good effects on hair

With the ideal length size and good hair source, clip in hair extensions with 26 inches are perfect for you when you want to change your unexpected bad hair into a new one which is much more voluminous and stunning. These hair clip ins can add volume and length for initial hair very well to give wonderful images.

In addition, they are safe for hair and scalp because they make less damage on hair. Instead of having to braid tight hair cornrows or use heat to make other types of hair extensions work well, you only need to clasp hair clip ins simply like the way you use normal hair grips. When you having soft activities, they completely do not make breakage for hair as well as ruins for scalp. Thus, your hair will always beautiful, thick and strong.

Good Effects On Hair

Natural hair textures and colors

With the impressive length size, these 26 inches can go well with different textures. Women in Asian and Western countries like straight or wavy hairstyles because they show the softness but elegance in their personality. On the other hand, curly hair textures are very popular with African American women. They are eye- catching and full of charm. Obviously, they are old perceptions. These days, women in all over the world often change the style to renew themselves. They never mind trying strange hairstyles from other regions to have the most suitable image.

Understanding that demand, hair brands including Luxshinehair always try to broad kinds of hair extensions’ textures. The hair color will be dyed according to the demand of customers. However, to keep hair in the naturalness, hair shades need to fit real hair. You can find wonderful choices at Luxshinehair so let’s visit its store and find out more!

26 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

Disadvantages of 26 inch clip ins

Although real human clip in hair extensions with 26 inches are very impressive and convenient, they still have some shortcomings. When you need to take part in outdoor activities, 26 inch hair clip ins can easily be fallen out anytime that make you feel embarrassed. In these cases, use other types such as weave hair, wig, ponytail hair, etc can be better choices. They are on hair thanks to sewing lines or ribbons so that you can play hard without worrying about the problem of hair shedding.

Moreover, clip ins are convenient so that we often use them in a short time on a day. If you want to have nice image of hair for a longer time, it better that you should choose another one.

3. How to wear and remove 26 inch clip ins?

As we have mentioned above, 26 inch clip ins are very easy to use. However, you can completely get wrong when applying them. Because hair clip ins are quite hard and easy to be exposed in hair, you need to wear skillfully to avoid showing these things.

The best position to wear hair extensions is around the safe zone on head. It is from the middle part of your head to the nape part. Let’s put in clip in hair extensions from big ones to small ones respectively. The part of hair at the top should be retained to make hair look the most natural and attractive. You can apply some more small pieces of hair clip ins on both sides of head to make hair look thicker and more stunning.

 How to wear Clip In Hair Extensions

The way to remove hair extensions is much simpler. You only need to take these clip in hair extensions off and it is okay. The important thing is that they have to be in the right direction to avoid getting hair tangles.

4. Keep hair clip ins on hair in a long time

Because these are temporary hair extensions, they are often used in only some hours. If you want to remain them longer on hair, you should restrain heavy and rebellious activities. Not only does that help your hair look always to be in the most beautiful situation but also helps hair clip ins to stay longer in real hair of the owner.

Even, you can keep them when you are sleeping. However, that thing can have a bit inconveniences due to hair clips. You had better remove clip ins before going to sleep to have the most comfortable feeling as well as not to make unnecessary trouble for hair.

Keep Clip Ins In A Long Time

5. How to take care 26 inch clip in hair?

When you choose right hair extensions, hair is essentially nice, smooth and sleek. Nevertheless, they can’t look good forever if you don’t care about them. Let’s make sure that you know proper ways to wash, styles and store hair extensions in all cases.

Washing hair

Because good clip in hair extensions with 26 inches are from 100% real human hair, you can wash them like the way you wash your hair with common shampoos and conditioners. However, they need to be soft and safe so as not to make unexpected damage for hair.

Taking care of hair

After washing hair clearly, let them dry naturally instead of using the hair dryer. If you haven’t need to use immediately yet, let’s put them away in dry and clean places to avoid the intrusion of dirt and lice. In case you want to style with them, let’s be soft and careful. The beauty of hair rely on this step very much.

Clip In Water Body Wavy Light Brown

Through this article, we think that you have had your own decision whether to buy these 26 inch clip ins or not? If you have that demand, let’s contact Luxshinehair to get high quality hair extensions with the most beautiful image, the most reasonable price and the best customer services.



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