How Often Should You Wash Your Hair? Tips Sharing

How To Wash Your Hair

Hair washing is one of the most important steps in hair care routine. It plays an important role in nourishing your hair, keep it smooth and healthy all the time. However, most women ignore this essential step or just have a quick hair wash coz they think serum or hair lotion are good enough.

Washing your hair incorrectly can cause some scalp issues like scalp irritation, dandruff or hair loss. How often someone wash their hair depends on their choice and hair type as well. However, no matter how different it is, washing hair in a correct way isn’t a simple task.

Therefore, in this post, Luxshinehair will give you some tips and advices about how to wash your hair correctly and how to protect your hair against damage.

How To Wash Your Hair

What happens when you don’t wash your hair?

First of all, let’s see what happens if you don’t wash your hair or just temporarily forget to wash it for more than a few days. When it comes to not washing your hair, there will be both good and bad things can happen. On the positive side, no washing hair means that your natural oil and moisture will be kept on your scalp and nourish your natural hair. However, day by day without washing hair, a lot of odd side effects will also appear.

First of all, your hair can look thinner. According to hair specialists, shampoo results in thick a voluminous hair. You can totally feel your hair becoming thicker and fuller right after washing by yourself. It really causes a nightmare for fine thin hair coz without washing, your hair will stick together and look even finer.

What Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Hair

Second, your hair will become a dust magnet since oil which are kept on your scalp will make your hair always wet which easily attract dust from comb, pillow, helmet especially when you wear it hours. Those dust will create white flecks known as dandruff sticking on the root of hair and make you desperately uncomfortable. Besides, it will be weird when white flecks drop on your shoulder.

Dandruff On Hair

Leave your hair unwashed for more than two days, you can notice your hair smell a little bit off. This is a musty and oily smell which is definitely unpleasant. Besides, bacteria will develop more in greasily dirty scalp and make the smell even worse.  It’s going to be a big trouble when someone notice your abnormal smell which may force you rush into a wash immediately.

Musty And Oily Smell

Moreover, your hair can start fall out if you don’t what your hair due to the unhealthy scalp. You can imagine, your strands are like trees and your scalp is essential land for it to grow. If land is not in good condition, trees cannot grow up or even die soon. Beside, your scalp will get itchy and if you scratch your head too strong, hair will fall out.

Itchy Scalp

They are just some major negative effects that will happen if you don’t wash your hair. Therefore, washing hair is really an important task. However, how often should you wash your natural hair? Let continue reading our post.

How many times a week should you wash your hair?

Should you wash your hair every day?” While different people with different skin and hair texture will have different hair washing frequency, according to hair professors, no one should wash their hair every single day.

Washing hair too often can do more harm than good. People who often wash their hair to get rid of oil even get more oil since they are drying their scalp and even make your scalp produce more oil to replace the washed-away one. Therefore, you should avoid washing your hair every day. Additionally, we will give you some tips about 3 main factors that affect directly your hair washing routine.

Should You Wash Your Hair Every Day

The first factor is your skin type. If your skin and hair is normal, not too much greasy, oily or super dry, you’d better wash your hair twice a week. On the contrary, if you have a greasy scalp, you should wash your hair more often and use the suitable shampoo. Dry scalp doesn’t need to wash more often coz it need to maintain the oil for your hair. You also need some hair care products like serum or lotion to provide moisture to your dry scalp.

Use Natural Oil

Secondly, hair texture can decide how much washing you need for week.  Hair texture matters coz it affects the way that your natural oil goes from the root to the end of your strands. Coarse and curly or deep wavy texture will slow down the speed of oil completing the way to the end of hair. It means if you have your hair like that, you should wash your hair only once or twice a week.

On the other hand, if your hair is fine, thin and straight, oil will go faster and your scalp is greasier. You need to wash your hair twice or more, otherwise your hair will stick together and make it even finer. While washing, you can massage your scalp to let it relaxed.

Massage Your Scalp

Last but not least, the way that you use to style your hair can also affect your washing. For example, if you get color-treated hair, you should wash your hair less no matter what texture it is. Since your hair is already damaged and need time to recover, natural oil and moisture are really necessary. Washing too often can make it dryer and easily get broken.

If You Get Color Treated Hair, Wash Your Hair Less

Washing hair isn’t a simple task. If you want to have smooth, shiny and healthy locks, you should understand your hair more to know what it really need. Washing your hair doesn’t take time and efforts. However it doesn’t mean that you can skip this seem-to-be less important step.

Hopefully through our post, you may know more about how important correct washing is. Besides, choosing suitable shampoos and conditioners with your hair type is essential as well. Following us to read more about hair care routine and hair products.


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