Everyone wants to have beautiful appearance with shiny hair and impressive face. Beside the face, it is a common knowledge that hair plays an important role in boosting women’s beauty. Therefore, it is easy to understand when women always take care to have perfect hair.

To impress other people with the hair, many of them decide to apply hair extensions which are considered as solution for almost hair problems. One of the most popular brands chosen by many women all over the world is Vietnamese hair extensions. It is said that Vietnamese hair always supplies high-quality products. However, no matter how good products are, you have to take care of them well to keep it in a long time. To maintain not only Vietnamese hair but also your own one perfectly, applying natural oil is a favorite way of many women. If you want to know how natural oil nourishes Vietnamese hair and which kind of oil is good for hair, you will find the answer in this post.

Coconut oil

natural oil for vietnamese hair 1

Coconut oil is a popular kind of oil in many beauty remedies. This oil is used in not only haircare but also skincare. Applying this kind of oil plays an important role in keep your Vietnamese moisturized. It helps prevent dandruff and also is wonderful for scalp massages. It can be said that this is excellent natural oil.

Olive oil

natural oil for vietnamese hair 2

Beside coconut oil, olive oil also is effective ingredient in many hair care formulas. Because it is good at reducing split ends, olive oil is added to natural shampoo to prevent the hair from shedding. In addition, this oil contributes to strengthen your hair and bring to you smooth and silky hair.

Avocado oil

natural oil for vietnamese hair 3

It is a delicious fruit. Moreover, many people use avocado to take care of hair and skin. However, do you know avocado oil also is an amazing kind of natural oil? It is said that avocado contains beneficial nutrients so it is good at  haircare. Vitamin A, E and D in avocado promote hair growth and contribute to keep moisture.

Grape seed oil

natural oil for vietnamese hair 4

This is a kind of oil you can add other essential oils into to dilute it. You can use only this oil or mix with others to take care of your hair. Grape seed oil is used to nourish the scalp and prevent against dandruff. Moreover, it contains vitamin A and linoleic acid, therefore; you can use it as a natural heat protectant.

Jojoba oil

natural oil for vietnamese hair 5

Jojoba oil is rather similar to the oil produced from the sebum of the scalp, therefore; applying it is very effective. It helps nourish your Vietnamese hair extension and keep your hair and scalp clean and healthy due to anti bacterial properties.

Above are some kinds of natural oil you can apply to keep you hair in proper condition. Taking care of your own hair and Vietnamese hair extensions is a very important step to maintain the longevity of hair extensions. Therefore, consider and apply these oils to have smooth, shiny and silky hair.


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