My Response To Your Inquiries About A Wrap Around Ponytail Extension

Wrap Around Ponytail Extensions
Wrap Around Ponytail Extensions

Among a variety of ponytail hairpieces, a wrap around ponytail extension is always one of the best-selling products due to its natural look and simple usage. If you have never tried one for yourself and need a person to ask everything about a wrap-around, then here come our answers for all your inquiries. We do agree that you need to thoroughly know about the stuff before clicking “buy”.

1. What a wrap-around ponytail look like?

Wrap Around Ponytail Extension
Wrap-Around Ponytail Extension

The hair is well attached on a piece of lace to make sure it will not fall out of the lace even your tail goes out of date. To contribute to the secure attachment, you have some tiny clips and a long and thin strand of hair.

The clips help your tail hold tight on your real hair as the first step of attachment. Secondly, the long hair strand not only enhances the solidity but also make your hairdo more fashionable. This is why we call it a wrap around ponytail extension.

2. How to do a ponytail with the hairpiece

Installing Process
Installing Process

Step 1: Pull your real hair into a ponytail

Collect your real hair into a ponytail at your favorite position on your head then secure it with a hair tie.

Step 2: Attach your ponytail hairpiece

Slide the clips underneath your hair tie at the top of your ponytail. Let the lace base hug your own ponytail so that it looks balanced.

Step 3: Wrap around  

Wrap the hair strand around the lace base of the Ponytail extension to conceal the attachment. Use small bobby pins to secure in place.

Step 4: Make it rock!

Shake your head to make sure your Ponytail feels secure. Rock your tail with fantastic styles that you want.

3. Can I trim or cut the hairpiece?

Yes, you can. If you want another length and are skillful enough, you could use a scissor on the tail. Or if there comes some split ends on your human hair ponytail, you can trim it off to gain a healthy look.

4. Can I style the ponytail like my own hair?

Curly Ponytail

It depends. We do not recommend you use hot tools on a synthetic ponytail or dye it as it’s almost impossible with this material.

But if your ponytail is made of human hair, then, yes! But keep in mind that the ponytail is not provided with moisture and nutrients like your own hair, hence, make sure to use a maximum heat of 120oC/250oF and a heat protectant before you create a new style.

5. Can I wash it like my real hair?

Similarly, you should be really careful with synthetic hair as it will become a mess after a few washes.

For human hair ponytails, on the other hand, we recommend you wash them every 30 wears, and only if there is so much product accumulation that they become unmanageable to style. Alcohol and sulfate-free hair products as well as a deep conditioning treatment for a few hours or even overnight are essential. They all aim to restore moisture back into the hairpiece.

6. Does a wrap around ponytail extension look fake?

It depends on the material of your ponytail.

At the same time, as long as you follow the application guide above, there will be no signal of hair attachment revealed.

7. Could I have this tail with my short hair?

Ponytai For Short Hair
Ponytail For Short Hair

In general, yes. Of course, it must be much easier if your hair is not so short so that all your real strands could be well tied. But we have solutions for wearing a ponytail extension for short hair even when your hair can’t be tied totally.

8. What about the care process?

Generally speaking, the more you wash your ponytail, the shorter they will last. If you feel like it is becoming hard to style, there is likely a product accumulation and it is time to give it a wash. A whole care process for your ponytail extensions should be found here.

We hope to provide you with adequate knowledge about a wrap around ponytail extension. If you still find it confusing, just let us know as we love to share it with you as much as possible.


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