Most Attractive Jessica Alba Hairstyles

Jessica Alba Hairstyles

Known as a talented American actress, Jessica Alba has won a number of awards for her excellent acting ability such as Saturn Award for Best Actress and Choice Actress Teen Choice Award. Needless to say, she is very famous and favored by lots of fans all over the world. In addition, Jessica Alba also makes a deep impression on people thanks to her fashion and striking hairstyles.

Jessica Alba Hair

The actress always knows how to renew herself by changing her hair. She has rocked various hairdos from natural curly hair, high updo to ponytail and so on. However, the common feature of all these hairstyles is simplicity, gentleness and subtleness. No matter which styles she creates for her hair, Jessica always looks appealing, making others’ hearts flutter.

Now, discover Jessica Alba hair styles that make her attractive and brightening anywhere she is.

1. Jessica Alba Long Hair

Long Wavy Hair

With a beautiful face, Jessica looks so gentle and feminine in long wavy hair. Pretty waves add more volume and make her hair thicker. Brown hair color and red lips helps to show her flawless beauty.

Long Wavy Hair

The long wavy hair with layers also fits her face shape. This hairstyle sounds trendy and sexy due to layers, which makes her a lot younger.

Long Wavy Hair With Layers

See the following picture, what do you think about deep side part with long wavy curled hair of Jessica Alba? It is obvious that this long hairstyle flatters her confidence and independent. She appears with an image of a successful, gorgeous and independent woman, the ideal model of almost female nowadays.

Deep Side Part With Long Wavy Curled Hair

To make her hair look new, she also changes its color. Black brown ombre hair color, as you see, is a perfect way to flaunt her skin tone. The top section is left black while the medium and the end of hair are lightened with warm blonde and platinum. What’s more, Jessica chooses a sexy and brilliant lipstick color to increase her charm. How amazing she is!

Black Brown Ombre Hair Color

Curly Hair

At the 2006 Teen Choice Awards, Jessica was brightening and left a deep impression on the heart of fans due to a thick curly hairstyle. A thick mass of curls, along with heavy layers, create a full and bouncy look. No one can deny the beauty of Jessica, one of the most beloved young actress at that time.

Thick Curly Hairstyle

Jessica Alba long curly caramel brunette hairstyle at 2007 NCLR ALMA Awards helped her get spotlight. No words can express her beauty in this hairdo but “amazing”. As can be seen, her long hair flowed down below her showers while layers that are cut skillfully throughout the hair ends added texture to her big curls. In short, if you have a diamond face shape, this hairstyle is perfect for you. Don’t ignore this look!

Jessica Alba Long Curly Caramel Brunette Hairstyle

Straight Hair

With a simple straight hairstyle, Jessica still steals the hearts of other people. Her smooth long hair fells down like soft silk that is so luscious and radiant. Besides, the tapering hair creates the striking angle from the chin to the ends of hair.

Straight Hair

In addition, add some accessories like earrings or sunglasses will give a cool and active look. Be confident with this hairstyle and walk down the streets with your friends. Let this hairdo make your day!

Straight Hair With Some Accessories

2. Jessica Alba Short Hair

Blonde Bob

It can be denied that the short blonde bob makes her not only young but also attractive. The blonde hair color brightens her skin. She also mixes big earrings to increase the beautifying effect. In brief, Jessica Alba blonde hair always makes wonders when rocked by Jessica Alba.

Blonde Bob

Blunt Bob

The blunt bob is another short hair favored by the well-known actress. Look at this picture and you can understand why she opted for this style.

Blunt Bob

Brown Wavy Short Hair

Jessica’s hair always looks good in almost textures and lengths. In particular, the brown wavy short hair aids in enhancing her attractive eyes and perfect face. The pretty is layered, which make more volume and movement.

Brown Wavy Short Hair3. Jessica Alba Ponytail

Simple Low Ponytail

Do you like this simple hairstyle of Jessica? The low ponytail that is tied loosely at the nape of her neck really fits and boost her attractive look. You can feel an elegant and soft beauty of the actress who are loved by lots of audience over the world.

Simple Low Ponytail

High Ponytail

If low ponytail give her a gentle appearance, Jessica Alba look young and energetic with a tight high ponytail.

High Ponytail (2)

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I have shown you some of the most stunning Jessica Alba hair styles that makes her image in the heart of fans. Are you fond of which hairstyles of the famous American actress? Let us know! Wish you have gorgeous hairstyles as you want!


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