Methodical Care For Your Human Hair Ponytail Extension


You have heard that hair extensions which are made of good human hair material could last for over one year. But your human hair ponytail extension is no longer usable after a few months? Did the provider cheat you? Um, not really! In fact, your hair extension could be used for that long only if you take care of it in a proper manner. And that process is way different from what you should do with your real hair. Just give us some minutes, we’ll give you the best tips ever for caring for your human hair ponytail extension.

Keep your hairpiece away from these products

Healthy Product
Healthy Product

First of all, if you love your hairpiece, you should buy it sulfate-free and alcohol-free products. Sulfate and alcohol ingredients shall strip the hair’s natural oil, hence, make the hair drier and more likely tangled and matting. Although alcohol – free products may not produce much lather, they will be good enough for cleansing your hair without stripping the moisture of it. Therefore, remember to carefully read the formulas before you buy any product.

In addition, sticky products such as hair spray, hair gel, or hair wax can likely clog up your ponytail extension. Also, the more you use those products, the more you will have to wash them, shortening the longevity of your hair. Furthermore, the products used on your real hair may travel onto your ponytail due to constant head movement and heat from the scalp.

How to brush your human hair ponytail extension? 

Brushing your hair extension properly will lengthen its lifespan. Carefully and gently brush your tail from the bottom of the hair slowly working upwards towards the root with a wide-tooth brush. If you come across a particularly pesky knot, patiently detangle it by your fingers first.

You should never brush your hairpiece when it is wet as this is when it could easily break. Instead, just comb it before washing or when they are dry.

Wide Tooth Comb
Wide Tooth Comb

How often should you wash your ponytail extension?

As your ponytail extension is not in close contact with your scalp, you do not have to wash them too often since frequent shampoo will lower your hair lifespan. If your ponytail feels like it is difficult to style, this should likely be a sign that there is product accumulation. Then it is time to wash your tail.

If everything is not noticeable, and you want an exact number, then we recommend you wash your extension after every 30 times of wearing or once a month.

Washing your tail

Washing Hair Extensions
Washing Hair Extensions

It’s essential to hydrate your ponytail as much as possible because hair extensions don’t receive the natural nutrients and oils from your scalp. We suggest applying a moisturizing sulfate-free and alcohol-free conditioner before and after you shampoo your hair.

While washing, make sure to be gentle and not rub them harshly. You could wash your tail with warm water but always rinse in cold water to lock in moisture.

Drying your human hair ponytail extension

Blow-drying is not likely recommended for hair extensions after every shampoo since it may make them dry and more vulnerable to breakage. If you must blow-dry your tail, make sure to use a heat protectant for it.

On the other hand, we highly recommend air – drying your ponytail extension using a microfibre towel since it will remove excess water faster without roughing up your hair. When your hair dry, you could apply a small amount of hair oil to help your hair remain manageable and silky smooth and prevent any frizz.

You should not hang your curly or wavy ponytails vertically and wait for it to dry naturally since they will be stretched out due to the wet hair’s weight. If you want to take advantage of natural hair, then spread them on a clean and smooth surface. In contrast, straight tails could be hanged for drying but avoid strong wind which may get your hair tangled.

Storing hair extensions

Hair Extension Box
Hair Extension Box

If you do not use your ponytail frequently, it is necessary to keep it in a cool and dry place such as a soft box, closet, and cabinet. Make sure your ponytail totally dry before you put it in the box to avoid mold and other bacteria growing. Keep them neat in its place of storage so that it could preserve the nice shape.

Now I bet you are confident enough to have a beautiful and long-lasting human hair ponytail extension. We also give you some suggestions of the most fashionable styles of ponytails that you could try with your extension.


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