Long Hairstyles that are Fascinating


It is important to think about long hair both in terms of face shape and hair type, so you can create a long length look that channels your inner and outer goddess or supermodel. If you are still wondering whether long hair suits you or not, it is better to try some long hairstyles with Vietnamese hair extensions. Why should you choose Vietnamese hair for extensions? People have been chosen Vietnam virgin hair for their extensions because of its strength, thickness and the superior qualities. Take a look through long hairstyles that could make you look gorgeous and find your most favorite and suitable one. 

Long hairstyles with a fringe

long hairstyles that are fascinating 1

People with long and oval faces can try to have long, all-one-length hair. Adding bangs to the look gives horizontal interest to the vertical look, helping to balance the overall style. The look of thick fringe suits long and oval faces, and lighter fringe suits round, heart, and square face shapes. If your hair is thick, dare to wear it breast-length. For finer hair, keep this look closer to the collarbone. Blowdry it with a round brush for a soft look, or a flat iron for a more edgy, sleek style.

Long and all one length hairstyles

long hairstyles that are fascinating 2

An old classic-imagine the original festival chicks of the sixties and seventies-the long and all-one-length hairstyle is ideal for women who have straight or wavy hair of medium thickness. This cut best complements round and square faces, as the added hair length help elongates the face. Blowdry the ends of the hair with a round brush to soften the style against your shoulders.

Long layer

long hairstyles that are fascinating 3

A similar style to the all-one-length look, this long hairstyle adds some softness to the ends of the hair, while still keeping a focus on the length. This can be an easier style to pull off than the all-one-length style, which can feel too blunt for some women. Long layers at the ends of the hair-rather than by the face-keep the hair looking long and flowy. This hairstyle is ideal for women who want to avoid lengthy blow-drying or styling routines, as you can towel it dry and go without worrying that the ends are uneven or harsh. Using hair extensions for this style is a way to go and the thing you should also do is to consider Vietnamese hair extensions.

Long curls with a fringe

Curly-haired women with long, oval, or heart-shaped faces can benefit from equalizing fringe just as much as straight-haired women can. This long, thick fringe balances longer face lengths, as well as the long length of the hairstyle. Women with round and square faces can also master this look-just keep the layers long to avoid adding too much weight around the face and neck.

long hairstyles that are fascinating 4

With long hair, you can do your hair up with many more trendy styles. However, if you are not patient enough to wait for your hair to grow adequate length, you can choose hair extensions as a perfect solution, especially Vietnam virgin hair for its strength and length. Apo hair extensions brands which have the sources of Vietnamese hair are used and suggested by a large number of users. Our products are original and top hand selected 100 percent Vietnamese hair.


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