Top 3 Interesting Ways To Style Your Middle Part Sew In With Lace Closure

What Is A Middle Part Sew In

Your hair is lacking of volume? You want to improve it but have no idea to make it real?

No need to worry anymore. Nowadays, most people use hair extensions to refresh their unsatisfied hair texture and hair thickness. If you are thinking about adding length and volume to your hair, especially around the middle portion, middle part sew ins are for you.

Today, we will share with you different ways to style your middle part sew in with lace closure.

Why Should You Get A Sew In?

Most women choose sew ins because they believe that they are easier to maintain than their real hair. By using this method, your natural hair are in safe zone thanks to the coverage of hair extensions. Additional, you get a voluminous look effortlessly every day. To have this hairstyle, you need to have bundles and lace closure which plays important role in parting your hairdo.

There are many types of closures such as free parts, middle parts and the three-part closures. All of these kinds will allow you to add volume and thickness to your hair. However, the middle part sew in may be the most common-used type with different ways to style like middle part sew in curls, straight sew in middle part and middle part wavy sew in.

Why Should You Get A Sew In

What Is A Middle Part Sew In?

The middle part sew in is a piece of hair which is actually a lace closure used to seal the deal around your hair. When it is installed properly, the sew in will leave the same amount of volume on both sides of your head and allow you to do a side part, side swift bangs and many more similar styles.

Many women get the middle part sew ins to balance their hair out in case they have less volume around one side of their face. If you want to own a glamorous hairstyle, it is important to get a high-quality sew in extensions.

What Is A Middle Part Sew In

Several Ways To Style Your Sew In

Straight Sew In Middle Part

  • Burgundy Straight Hairstyle

Long straight hair is always a dream of many women because they can enjoy a more unique texture than curls. This is the simplest and the most traditional texture of hair. With the red tone, your hair will look outstanding, but still feminine.

Burgundy Straight Hairstyle

  • Straight Blonde Ombre Hair

You can highlight your cheekbones by this way. Like other straight hairstyles, this straight sew in middle part will help you feel more feminine and beautiful. This silky hair gives you the most realistic look.

Straight Blonde Ombre Hair

Middle Part Curly Sew In

  • Deep Curly Sew In Style

As you know, tight curls or deep curls is always the best way to make your hair look thicker. However, this style requires regular maintenance. You need to regularly use gels, mousses and spray your hair with a conditioner to make your locks shiny.

Deep Curly Sew In Style


  • Long Curly Sew In

You can easily get a glamorous look as long as the middle part fits your face. To maximize the feature of this style, you should go for imperfect broad curls.

Long Curly Weave

Wavy Sew In Middle Part 

  • Body Wavy Style

This is one of the stunning styles you should try. It gives the movement to your hair and makes your hair look more authentic.

Body Wavy Middle Part Sew In

  • Deep Wavy Style

A simple wavy middle parting will give you a different look compared to straight and curly hair. This style is suitable for girls who have a strong characteristic.

Deep Wavy Style

In short, not all of styles we mentioned above suit everyone. Choosing the most suitable hairstyle plays an important role in contributing to your beauty. Hopefully, these middle part styles can help you choose your favorite hairstyle easier. Follow our website if you want to get more information about related articles. Thanks for reading!



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