How to keep your Hair Extensions Lasting Longer


You don’t need to invest excessively energy in sitting tight for a long hair style on account of utilizing hair extensions. Appropriate hair care will enable you to keep your hair solidly and easily sparkly.

Keep your hair clean

how to keep your hair extensions lasting longer 1

Beauticians suggest shampooing 3 times each week. Shampooing and molding your hair will keep your hair from tangled and keep your hair delicate and smooth.

Proper use of hair care products

use cleanser and conditioner solely for salon to keep the hair extension sound. Non-sulfate hair mind items have less cleanser and help your hair to last more. Sulfate in cleanser items makes bubbles yet is a factor that makes your hair drying to keep your hair extensions lasting longer 2

Brush gently

Brush your head every day with a brush or round brush. Continuously brush from the underlying foundations of your scalp to the finishes of your hair delicately and gradually. One hand holds the brush, alternate holds the hair in the scalp to avert male pattern baldness. You generally need to make sure to brush your hair before shampooing and never brush your hair when they are wet.

Dry hair properly

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Subsequent to shampooing, you delicately crush the water out of your hair with a towel and abstain from pulling or pulling at your hair. At the point when your hair is as yet wet, you ought not brush your hair immediately. You let your hair dry normally or use a hair dryer to warm the low mode to dry hair.

You have to dry the hair first and after that whatever remains of the hair. Your hair ought to be around 60-75% dry before you brush or style.

Do not worry too much about hair loss

Balding is an ordinary appearance of hair so the hair extension will likewise drop out. Every day, we lose 80-150 hairs. The hair extensions that is joined to the genuine hair will likewise drop out as would be expected notwithstanding cautious and legitimate care.


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