Ideas to hide your greasy hair instead of DIY dry shampoo

Diy Dry Shampoo (2)
Diy Dry Shampoo (2)

You shouldn’t have hair wash frequently because it make your scalp exude more natural oil to limit the dehydrate. It is undeniable that dry shampoo works incredibly in greasy hair. However, it is pricey. Thus, many people use DIY dry shampoo alternatively for cheaper cost. These homemade recipes also bring good results. At the same time, you may find it troubling as well. What are they? How to reduce hair wash without using dry shampoo? I’m glad you ask because I will tell you how. Scroll down for the top ideas.

Diy Dry Shampoo (2)

Bad results

Cannot reject all the powder or it won’t work

You have tons of recipes for DIY dry shampoo to match your hair color and skin color. But I don’t think it can blend perfectly. People still detect your trick easily due to the extra powder. In case you reject all the powder, your tip goes waste. Your hair is still matted and unattractive.

Homemade dry shampoo doesn’t have good smell

Some people believe that the organic ingredients bring yummy smell to your hair. In fact, it doesn’t. Trust me. The greasy hair itself has not good smell at all. It’s normal, you needn’t feel embarrassed about it. When it comes to mix with the “yummy smell”, it consequences a weird scent for sure. Even when you try to hide with perfume, it turns out much more terrible.

Greasy hair is back quickly

Dry shampoo is an instant solution only. It works in short time while your scalp continuously exudes natural oils. Usually, you should apply more every 4 hours in average. It is annoying sometimes, right? Moreover, you worry about it all day long and check your hair with your hand. It just make it worse.

Some ideas for greasy hair without using DIY dry shampoo

Change your hairstyle

If you let your hair down, it’s easy to realize the 3-day-off-wash hair. Then, just make high ponytail. To make it better, you can do a sleek ponytail with edge control. If you don’t have time for it, you can braid it, pull the hair a little to pancake it. Then, you have a bouncy hairstyle.

French Braid Crown 02


Why don’t you cover your hair with a scarf? Let’s use a square one, fold it. Then, do a high bun, wrap the scarf from the nape to the front and make a tight at your hair top. Done! You are now having a hobo look and no one knows you have greasy hair!

Hairstyle With A Scarf

Hot styling tools

When your hair is oily, it’s lying flat. Hence, all we need to do is to make it fluffy again. Hot styling tools will help. You can do curly hair which creates good dimension and tricks people’s eyes.

How To Hide Greasy Hair

It’s easy to take care of your tress whatever hair type is. Some tiny tips and boom, no greasy hair is exposed anymore. So, you can put your DIY dry shampoo aside and just use it when you really really need it. Do you have any top secret ideas to deal with this hair problem? Please let us know by leaving comments below. Don’t forget to follow our blog to get more guidelines, the latest hair trends and hair care tips.


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