I Tip Hair Extensions – What You Need To Know

I Tip Hair Extensions

It is the fact that human hair extensions take an important role in modern life because they can renew your look quickly and easily. Do you want thicker, fuller and longer hair? It doesn’t matter with the help of hair extensions. Nowadays, there are a number of types of extensions on the market, and I tip hair extensions are one of the great products that you should not miss. Designed to meet different demands of customers, these hair extensions are confirming their position in the beauty field. So, explore what they are and how to apply I tip human hair extensions! Let’s go!

I Tip Hair Extensions

1. What Are I Tip Hair Extensions?

The first thing we need to know is what I tip hair extensions are. They are also known as a type of keratin hair extensions. It means that this product has its hair tips bonded with the keratin. There are many small hair pieces in a bundle of I tip extensions. One of the biggest advantages of these extensions is that it looks amazingly natural when applied to your hair.

What Are I Tip Hair Extensions

It is advised that you should purchase high-quality extensions if you want them to last for a long time. Remy I-tip hair extensions have a long lifespan. So, these hair products are perfect for those who are looking for a durable hair extension installation.

To buy best I tip hair extensions, you can visit Luxshinehair, one of the most prestigious Vietnamese companies in supplying human hair extensions. They only use high-quality human hair, Remy hair, of Vietnamese women to create good I-tip hair extensions. The keratin is made in Italy which is completely safe for your health. Therefore, their products are durable and very comfortable to use. In addition, they also offer many I-tip extensions in different colors, lengths and textures. Come here, you have tons of choices and it is not hard for you to choose your favorite one.

Best I Tip Hair Extensions

When it comes to colors, I-tips can be used to create highlights, making your hair look more interesting and impressive. Stick I-tip hair extensions are individual strands so that you can mix different colors to create cool highlights. How fun and creative it is! In Luxshinehair, you can choose many different colors like blonde, brown, black, etc. All of them are so beautiful and must give you gorgeous hairstyles.

2. Installation Methods

There are two ways to apply I-tip hair extensions, called cold fusion and hot fusion hair extension method. What are the differences between them? Now, find more details about these application methods.

Cold Fusion And Hot Fusion Methods

Cold Fusion I-tip Hair Extensions Installation

It can be said that this is the gentlest and simplest method to install I tip hair products because it doesn’t require any heat. With this technique, micro ring beads are used to attach each piece of extensions to your natural hair. It is very simple to do!  The stylist will pull some your hair strands though the bead and then insert the I-tip through it. After that, clamp the bead down in order to keep the extensions firmly on your natural hair by using a pair of pliers. By this way, your hair will not experience any heat damage.

Cold Fusion I Tip Hair Installation

Hot Fusion I-tip Hair Extensions Installation

Different from cold fusion, hot fusion hair extension installation requires heat. The keratin will be melt by a heat tool and then wrapped around a small section of your hair. When it comes to the application of I tip hair, it should start at the base of your head and then gradually move to sides and back.

Hot Fusion I Tip Hair Extensions Installation

When you are wearing I-tip hair extensions, your natural hair still grows. Therefore, you should go to the hair salon every few weeks to have your extensions removed and replaced.

I-tip hair human extensions are amazing products that you should try. They are not only easy to install and remove but also give you a very comfortable feeling when wearing. If you want to have beautiful hairstyles, why don’t you try these extensions right now? Above are some useful information about this type of hair extensions. I hope that this post is interesting for you. Wish you get your favorite hair products and get fantastic hairdos. Thanks a lot for your reading!

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